If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that now – more than ever – we could use a little extra humor in our daily routine to cause a grin on April Fools joke That’s why we’ve summarized some of their efforts here

But you will find that the Volkswagen Voltwagen debacle was left out. The less that is said about it, the better

One of our favorites this year? Porsche announces the “Patina Paint to Sample” option Marked with the inventive slogan “Good things come to those who can’t wait”, this fake promises an aged and rusty look for your brand new Porsche, without the disadvantages of reality

Meanwhile, the GM Authority blog crew made the joke that Cadillac is about to introduce a model called the Cryptiq, a hearse based on the actual-coming all-electric Lyriq crossover, the EV for moving DBs is called as “Gloomy, emission-free” and to be honest, it doesn’t look any worse than the old Lincoln MKT

Holley Carbs has gone a step further this year and created a video that was made for fun on Jan. April Fits Want to add a 20-stage 3500 shot of nitrous oxide to your vintage hot rod’s 4 cylinder intake manifold? Then this alternative reality product, the NOS Moonshot, is just right for you

Dodge put the “Good Neighbor” mode available in certain versions of the Ford Mustang with its fake “Do Not Disturb” feature to the test given the bark your author’s challenger makes when he does waking up his eight cylinders, this might not be a bad idea eh, who am I kidding? It’s a wonderful sound

We finally listened to your neighbors Introducing the brand new SRT (R) Do Not Disturb Mode No more noise complaints # AprilFools BildTwittercom / WDHySoe790

Even some suppliers like H&R Special Springs traded today that it is a company that normally sells suspension bits for German high-end machines, but on this day it is promoting the completely unreal line on camber plates that Dat Stance offers without after expensive modifications to look for If only

The engineers in Germany did it again! Camber plates & other camber adjustment parts are now obsolete! We introduce …

Even the Hot Wheels crew was fun, showing off their fake do-it-yourself series of 1:64 toy cars. The “You Do It” line is where the fictional toys that need to be assembled to take the work out of the factory and into Facing Your Living Room The difference is that if it existed, we would actually buy this

We introduce our new Hot Wheels die-cast “You Do It” Complete with parts that you normally see assembled, the “You Do It” takes the hard work out of our hands and puts it in your #HotWheels 🔧 BildTwittercom / TRXJFlpZjy

Finally, we have Chrysler, who is up to the party on Jan. April shows up with the fiction of a 900-hp Pacifica hybrid minivan The slogan of the “world’s first 10-second minivan” sounds good to us, although the crew who built this hot rod Ford Rod stayed in the U a long time ago was built K. would like to have a word

When is April Fool’s Day, April

World News – CA – Fool Me Once: A Roundup of the 2021 April Fool’s Pranks by automakers

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