Ontario’s Prime Minister says “everything is on the table” when it comes to the possibility of another lockdown if the province navigates through a third wave of the virus

Doug Ford says talks are ongoing about possible changes to the provincial framework and urges people not to make plans for Easter

“I am extremely concerned about the situation we are seeing and the rising numbers I’m concerned about the age bracket of younger people in intensive care, “Ford said on Tuesday

“Everything is on the table Be prepared I say don’t make plans for Easter I won’t hesitate to lock things up if I have to. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.” without human health we have no economy ”

On 19 March the Ford government announced that restaurants that operate in “Red-Control” and “Orange-Restrict” could be opened with a capacity of 50 percent and a maximum of 50 and 100 people indoors

Outdoor terraces in bars and restaurants for public health units in “gray lockdown” such as Peel and Toronto have been allowed to operate since then

The province has since planned to further relax the restrictions under the “Gray Lockdown” and to reopen hairdressers and nail salons on Dec. Allow April

The easing of restrictions coincided with a worrying picture as COVID-19 variants send more Ontarians to intensive care units, leading to warnings that the province could face renewed spikes in inpatient transfers and aborted surgeries in the coming weeks / p>
The president of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) said 46 patients were admitted to intensive care on Monday – the highest single-day number of admissions in the second and third waves

Anthony Dale said if the trend continues, patient transfers will be “around the clock” to ensure they are receiving life-saving care and further surgeries will be canceled, the current 250 backlog000 interventions increased

“I am very concerned about the breakdown in social cohesion and understanding of the risk and sacrifice that is still required to get us all through safely together without unnecessary death and harm and further massive disruption to hospital care”Said Dale on Tuesday

According to the province’s latest round of epidemiological data, 789 of the 2nd336 new cases in Ontario reported Tuesday in people in this age group

“We have less than 1000 cases met, things were looking bright and I have taken advice from the chief medical officer and I will continue to his [Dr David Williams’ advice, “said Ford

Health Secretary Christine Elliott defended the government’s approach, saying this was “not the usual” when referring to the recently announced easing of restrictions

“We have created the framework, we follow the measures and have the emergency brake when we need it,” said Elliott

“We are closely monitoring the situation throughout the Province of Ontario If we need to take action and apply the emergency brake, we do not hesitate to do so””

Ornge, the provincial air ambulance service, said on Monday that between Jan On the 1st and 25 By March, at least 601 patients were admitted to various hospitals to deal with the pandemic capacity crisis

The latest data from a group of scientists advising the province on the pandemic shows that people infected with variants in Ontario are more likely to be hospitalized and die, leading to the conclusion that the variants are the Health care “significantly more stressful” will be the system than the second wave of infections

“Right now, the Ontario pandemic is completely out of control,” said Dr Peter Juni, the scientific director of the table

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory report examined Jan.314 people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Ontario between February 7 and 11 March

More than 9000 of them were infected with a worrying variant, and the study found that these patients were 62 percent more likely to be hospitalized, 114 percent more likely to go to intensive care, and 40 percent more likely to die from the virus

These results are similar to studies on variants and hospitalizations from other countries such as the UK and Denmark

The report found that as of Jan. More infectious variants of concern accounted for 67 percent of all infections, and the variant known as B117, which was first recognized in the UK makes up 90 percent of the variant cases

The study also found that 46 percent of intensive care units between the ages of 15 and 21 March people were 59 years old and younger, compared with 30 percent of the recordings between December and December 14 and Dec 20

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World News – CA – Ford says another statewide lockdown is on the table before Easter

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