You may have seen or heard a lot about pop star Britney Spears lately, what exactly is going on?

The Grammy-winning singer is back in the news after the New York Times documentary release of Framing Britney Spears, the sometimes harrowing film delves deep into Spears’ past and ascends to fame starting with her time as a mouse keteer

It takes a look at her very public collapse in 2007 – when she shaved her head and hit a paparazzi car with an umbrella – and her eventual return to the spotlight in recent years

The documentary, directed by Samantha Stark, also examines the misogynistic treatment of Spears by the media at the time and how it affected the public perception of the pop star Spears very valuable and really difficult to watch

The film outlines and explains the Spears-associated hashtag #FreeBritney, which refers to a conservatory that she is currently under and that has been subject to for 13 years after her collapse

A conservatory, known as guardianship in some states, is an involuntary status usually reserved for elderly or very sick people who have dementia or are otherwise incapable of acting and unable to make their own decisions

39-year-old Spears is still under the control of her father, Jamie Spears, the restorer who essentially owns the keys to her estate and makes life choices. Fans worried about her well-being want to get Britney out of the conservatory Some fans are so committed to the cause that they show up at their court hearings with signs and shout support for the pop star

Spears’ attorneys have said she will not perform while her father is in command, Jamie’s legal representatives claim the conservatory works, citing the growth of her estate from indebted to a valuation of US $ 60 million -Dollars

The legal team said Jamie’s primary objective is to help Britney “return to good health, reunite her with her children, and revitalize her career”

“While serving as a conservator, Mr. Spears’ only motivation has been his unconditional love for his daughter and his ardent desire to protect her from those who try to take advantage of her,” the team said in November 2020. “He wants that his daughter is happy, healthy, protected and prosperous. His love for Britney is a major factor in how he managed to turn her estate from the red into what it is today ”

At this point, a judge granted Spears’ motion to appoint Bessemer Trust, an outside finance group, to be a co-curator.Spears is still looking for it but wants Bessemer Trust to take sole oversight and effectively remove her father from the role Jamie fought it from the start, claiming it would rob him of his power

Spears’ attorney Samuel D Ingham III Said she was “afraid” of her father and the couple allegedly hadn’t spoken face-to-face in a while

On Tuesday afternoon, Spears posted a video on her Instagram account that many fans believe is framing Britney Spears over the years, both in terms of the Conservatory and her psychological status Public health very excited

“I can’t believe Toxic did this 3 years ago !!! I will always love being on stage but I take the time to learn and be a normal person I just love to enjoy the basics of everyday life !!!! “The caption read“ Every person has their story and their attitude towards other people’s stories !!!! We all have so many different bright beautiful lives 🌹🌸🌷🌼 !!! Remember, no matter what we think about someone’s life believing to know it is nothing compared to the actual person who lives behind the lens 📷✨ !!!! ”

On Monday night, Spears’ friend, actor Sam Asghari, released a statement that also wagged their tongues

“I always wanted the best for my significant other and will continue to support her in pursuing her dreams and creating the future she wants and deserves,” he said. “I am grateful for all the love and support that she receives from her fans all over the world and I look forward to a normal, amazing future together ”

More detailed news on his Instagram story followed on Tuesday, calling Jamie “a total dick … trying to control our relationship”

Both Spears and her father are due for a status hearing in court on Thursday – though their lawyer is likely to represent them

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