The gaming retailer’s stock rose over 50 percent

over the holidays and some breaking investor news

The massive North American gaming retailer GameStop was out of luck in the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic nearly hampering the hybrid online and stationary gaming outlet, and while GameStop tried some rather desperate looking measures to stop the bleeding stop, this often had questionable motives or consequences. Amazingly, the company looks like it will start 2021 on a good note.A recent look reveals that GameStop’s stock is falling due to news that more board members have joined, as well as due to Reports of particularly strong sales during the holidays rose sharply

In the past few days, GameStop’s stock has suddenly surged as The Street reported on Jan. At the time, GameStop (GME) had risen 55% to a share value of $ 30.83 The obvious cause was two announcements by GameStop on its investor relations website on Jan. January 2021 The first revealed that the company would add additional board members to “change” the direction of the company’s business. The announced additions were Alan Attal, Ryan Cohen and Jim Grube, who GameStop reportedly recognized for their expertise in “e-commerce” “Online Marketing, Finance and Strategic Planning”

The other announcement from GameStop on Nov. January was a report of strong Christmas sales in 2020.After both the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles and Nintendo Switch were featured in Holiday 2020 and the Nintendo Switch continued to sell well, GameStop was perfectly able to To Benefit From A Big Console Season, Especially With Bot And Aftermarket Buyers and sellers are heading for next-generation console shipments in bulk at every opportunity

Previously, GameStop was in a tailspin.Although Reggie Fils-Aime joined the board of directors, the company struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic and posted record lows in share prices.It will be interesting to see if GameStop’s fortune is in the The new generation of consoles has definitely helped, but it remains to be seen whether the new board members can really help improve the situation in the company and look forward to more updates as we follow the ongoing changes at GameStop. p>

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