I would do that And a study confirms my thoughts on the Valentine’s Day card dilemma Serious or funny?

February has long been known as the month of romance The story behind Valentine’s Day and its patron saint, Saint Valentine is mysterious, however, it is known that the day we recognize today contains both Christian and Roman traditions / p>

Valentine’s Day greetings were already popular in the Middle Ages. Written Valentines appeared after 1400

In America and England it was the middle of the 18th century It was common for friends and lovers to exchange small gifts and handwritten notes on Valentine’s Day in the early 1900s

Esther A Howland began selling America’s first mass-produced Valentines in the 1840s. Known as the “Mother of Valentines,” their cards were elaborate. They were made with lace, ribbon, and brightly colored imagery known as “scrap” / p>

By 1900, due to improved printing technology, printed maps had largely replaced handwritten notes

According to the Greeting Card Association, 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent out every year today (excluding “Valentine’s Day in the Classroom”)

One study I came across said (and I won’t bore you with all the trifles) when you’re not sure whether to get your sweetheart a serious Valentine’s Day card or a fun one

You should give a “funny” Valentine card as it shows that you are “comfortable” in the relationship

Valentine’s Day Cards

World News – CA – Give you a fun Valentine’s Day card

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