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A discarded face mask will be returned on Sunday, March 17th Shown on a street next to a COVID-19 mobile testing clinic in Montreal as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Canada and around the world, THE CANADIAN PRESS / Graham Hughes

Health Canada issued a notice asking dealers to recall masks sold with graphs or biographers due to possible inhalation risks

Made up of a single layer of carbon atoms, graphene is considered a nanomaterial, which means that it is made up of tiny particles and reportedly has “antiviral and antibacterial properties,” the advisory said

Health Canada announced it had conducted a preliminary scientific assessment after it was revealed that graphene masks with health claims from COVID-19 were being sold and used by adults and children in schools and day-care centers, Health Canada also believes they may be for use were distributed in health care

Affected products are listed as “graphene or biomass graphene face masks,” the Health Canada advisory advises Canadians not to use masks containing the substance and to consult their doctor if they have used graphene face masks and have health concerns have – such as new or unexplained shortness of breath, complaints or breathing difficulties

The organization said their preliminary assessment of the available research found that inhaled graphene particles have some potential to cause “early lung toxicity” in animals, but the potential for humans to inhale graphene particles – and the associated health risks – does not yet are known and may vary depending on the mask design

The health risk for people of all ages is not clear, the opinion says, as there are many variables such as exposure duration and the type of graph used, Health Canada has requested data from mask manufacturers to further investigate the potential health risks

Until the organization has completed a thorough scientific assessment and “has proven the safety and effectiveness of face masks containing graphene”, the report states that they will be withdrawn from the market as a precaution

Health Canada has ordered all known distributors, importers and manufacturers to stop selling graphed masks and recalling affected products, and has written to all provinces and territories advising them to stop selling and using these masks

Health Canada has requested that you report adverse events or complaints related to graphene face masks to the organization

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