After Taylor apologized for her extremely offensive tweets, Bachelor Nation alums like Bekah Martinez, Ashley Spivey, and others commented on her words

The Bachelor’s Taylor Nolan was recently targeted for a series of extremely offensive tweets about 10 years ago after her defense of Rachel Lindsay and criticism of Chris Harrison, many fans call her a hypocrite, and the offensive tweets were plentiful and contained it all from racial slurs to homophobic language to fat shame Taylor apologized on her Instagram Sunday afternoon

After her tweets resurfaced, Taylor posted a long Instagram story stating that she would upload a video apology, then deleted the video and uploaded a text post saying she was Instagram would leave for a short time “For the marginalized people with whom my old tweets have disappointed or broken trust, I see you and I am so sorry I really hope that my work and my commitment to this work over the past ten years speak for yourself, “she wrote in her story. She continued,” I do not apologize for the racist part of the bachelor nation who have surfaced these tweets to undermine and invalidate my work for the past decade to you, I do not apologize to you “It is Taylor’s belief that these tweets were exposed to undermine their efforts, Chris Harrison f to let yours

Bachelor alums like Bekah Martinez, Ashley Spivey, Chris Randone, and Mike Johnson didn’t accept Taylor’s apology so quickly. Bekah pointed to the caption in Taylor’s video mail and called her words “snarky”, “self gratulate” and “bullsh * t” On Instagram, “Taylor continually noted that she’s been working in the BIPOC community to stop racism and bigotry since she tweeted the tweets ten years ago.She also reiterated several times that she believed people were reposting the tweets “Call it what it is, the things you said went way beyond centering the white, they focused on bigotry and hate There are so many disgusting dark things in these tweets,” Bekah wrote on Instagram”If this has been an integral part of your journey, why has it taken you (publicly) to acknowledge it? You are not above control”

Mike Johnson added that the tweets were “extremely bad” and directly said “Taylor is wrong” in his own Instagram story, but he also expressed frustration at having to comment on every indiscretion in Bachelor Nation, he added in his statement added, “Stop expecting me to speak to everything,” Ashley Spivey wrote, “Accountability would apply to anyone in this situation, whether they are a friend, family member, co-worker, etc. “After acknowledging that she knows Taylor well, Chris Randone also commented on the situation, claiming he was more interested in knowing at what point Taylor realized she was wrong and what steps she took to change yourself He wrote, “I have to be honest with you, it’s not an excuse that will help Taylor, it’s an understanding of the trauma you went through that caused so much anger and hatred”

The Tweets Come at a Polarizing Time for Bachelor Nation After the Rachael Kirkconnell and Chris Harrison scandals, many former and current Bachelor stars are being scrutinized amid all the activism Taylor has undertaken in recent years it sure there were fans who wanted to overthrow her, but that doesn’t detract from the horrific nature of her past words.It’s clear that a simpler apology is desperately needed before fans and alums can offer forgiveness to Taylor

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