When Jenny Han signed the film contract for her book “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” she hoped the film version would please fans of the written series

But it did a lot more than that – when the movie premiered on Netflix in 2018, it became a sensation 80 million people tuned in and turned his young cast of then unknown stars into stars overnight: Noah Centineo, 24, and Lana Condor, 23The highly anticipated second episode “To All the Boys: PS. I still love you ”was released last February and just lit the flames of his fandom

Now the third and final film will premiere on Friday. Han, who lives in Brooklyn and published the first book of the trilogy in 2014, can’t wait

“I’m glad the fans can finally see this last movie,” 40-year-old Han told The Post We shot [movies] 2 and 3 in a row, and we were all just waiting for that last story to be able to share ”

Han, executive producer of the films, said the reception was “beyond my wildest dreams, I never thought it would find such a wide audience”

The plot of the trilogy follows the candy-colored faux relationship between high school girl Lara Jean Covey (Condor), a shy romantic with an eye for quirky fashion, and a jock with a heart of gold Peter Kavinsky (Centineo) In the second film, the couple faced a challenge in the form of another potential applicant for Lara Jean, and the third and final film, entitled “To All Boys: Always and Forever”, follows Lara Jean and Peter as she quit high school

As Han points out, Netflix was at the forefront of the rom-com revival The warm-hearted first film “To All the Boys” was followed around the same time as other Netflix hits like “Set it Up” and “The Kiss Cabin” Always My Maybe “starring Ali Wong and Randall Park

“A few years ago people thought rom-com was dead. It was big budget movies and Marvel movies that ruled the box office. It was a shame for me because I love romantic comedies and I really missed them “Han said, citing favorites like” The Cutting Edge, “” Bridget Jones’ Diary, “and” Sleepless in Seattle “”

But now that “To All the Boys” ends, will this new era fade away? Not if Han has anything to do with it

“The biggest way To All the Boys has changed my life is by creating more career opportunities and opening doors for me. I’ve been writing books for a long time so it was really exciting to step out and create new challenges for me, “she said

She is writing an episode of an upcoming Shonda Rhimes anthology series on Netflix entitled “Notes on Love” On Monday it was announced that Han’s first book trilogy, written before “To All the Boys”, will receive an Amazon adaptation. The story, entitled “The Summer I Got Pretty” was first published in 2009 and follows one teenage girl trapped in a love triangle between two brothers Han wrote the pilot and will also co-showrunn the eight-episode series with no premiere date or cast announced – but Han said it is what concerns them nowadays

“I’ve been working on this adaptation for a few years and it was nice to have a secret project to disregard, especially during the pandemic,” she said. “I’ve lived with these characters for so many years that it was exciting is getting them to the screen ”

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To All The Boys I Loved Before

World News – CA – How “To All The Boys I Loved Before” ushered in a new era for rom-coms

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/02/12/to-all-the-boys-ive-loved-before-launched-new-rom-com-era/