I’m not talking about the Vancouver Canucks performance which wasn’t all that bad even when they were held back from the Winnipeg Jets scoreboard I’m talking about the inauguration that turned a highly competitive game into strange nonsense by swallowing her pipes in the third period

Or rather, they swallowed their pipes until they ran out of punishment, whether they called for a penalty or not, and then somehow managed to screw it up anyway

There were a few missed calls at the start of the game, but that happened a little over five minutes before the end, however, an egregious non-call spoiled the remains of the game

It started with a hit by Nils Höglander on Derek Forbort. Here is an important context: Höglander is 5’9 “and Forbort is 6’4” Höglander kept his feet on the ice and ended his control through Forbort’s chest, but the big defender struggled with the smaller rookie getting Forbort’s shoulder in the head

The officers did not punish Höglander because it honestly wasn’t one.The NHL has made it clear that accidental head contact with a blow to the chest is not a punishment.According to NHL standards, it was just a tough, clean test

Forbort didn’t see it that way and went after Höglander along the boards during a puck fight and delivered three blatant crosschecks, including one after the puck had disappeared, which sent Höglander into the ice. Somehow none of the referees saw one of these crosschecks as one two-minute minors worthy of

It seems obvious that the referees were keeping an eye on the scoreboard.It was 1-0 for the Jets at the time and both teams had already had two power games.In this situation, referees often swallow their whistles for fear of that “Influence” the outcome of the game

As my dad euphemistically said instead of a curse when he was teaching math in high school, this is bullshit

By not calling Forbort, the officials were influencing the game. What should have been a power game for the Canucks at a crucial point in time instead ended up being 5v5

Crosschecks are not harmless either. Daniel Sedin once told me when I asked him if he wanted to get used to constant cross-checks in his career: “Yes, I mean, I had a back operation, so that’s exactly what happens”

It got worse The referees finally pulled their whistles out of their pockets in the last minute of the game after the Jets had already scored an empty net goal to make it 2-0 Obviously satisfied that they weren’t “influencing the game.” “Would it be okay for her to make a call

The call was on Forbort, by the way, apparently encouraged by not calling before, satisfied that he wouldn’t cost his team the game, and believing his three counterchecks weren’t enough revenge for a legal hit, Forbort left again to Höglander, this time after the whistle

Again, it’s a 28-year-old 6’4 “veteran chasing after a 21-year-old 5’9” rookie in a pre-set game. It’s gutless and it’s Bush League, but that’s how it was Decision of the officials afterwards

Although Forbort received the initial penalty and clearly triggered a massive scrum after the whistle, he received no additional penalties other than a 10-minute misconduct – pretty meaningless as there was no time left in the game.Instead, the officials somehow equalized the penalties and the two teams finished the game 4 against 4

It is of course an age-old story for Canucks fans who saw how opposing players before Höglander took Markus Naslund, the Sedins and Elias Pettersson liberties. They probably also took Thomas Gradin’s liberty

Or maybe it was all a massive misunderstanding. Forbort wasn’t trying to hurt Höglander in return for hurting his pride – he was just trying to have a little fun with a tickle fight

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