Joe Douglas, general manager of New York Jets, speaks during a press conference at the team’s NFL soccer training facility in Florham Park, NJ, Tuesday 11 June 2019 (AP Photo / Seth Wenig) AP

Jets General Manager Joe Douglas will have enough space this off-season to do pretty much anything he wants in the free agency

Well, freelance agents must want to sign with the Jets, but money won’t be an issue no matter what the NFL’s 2021 salary cap is The Jets are in great shape financially, largely because they dumped most of their poor contracts and still have a quarterback (Sam Darnold) on his rookie contract

The NFL announced a $ 180 million salary cap on Thursday, compared to the original $ 175 million, the actual cap could be even higher. No matter what it lands on, the Jets will be fine.

At $ 180 million, Over the Cap has the Jets with $ 67 million in cap space for 2021. They’ll likely cut off defenseman Henry Anderson as well, freeing up an additional $ 8 million in wiggle room, security guard Alex Lewis, who is up to Out of favor at the end of the 2020 season could be cut for additional savings of more than $ 5 million

The Jets have needs all over the roster, especially on the offensive line, wide receiver and secondary.The substantial footprint could allow them to re-sign Marcus Maye’s safety while pursuing other potential secondary upgrades like cornerback Richard Sherman This is viewed as a historically deep free agency class at wide receivers, and the Jets could be in the running for players like Kenny Golladay, Will Fuller, Corey Davis, Juju Smith-Schuster, Curtis Samuel and Nelson Agholor Hilton and whoever else actually comes into the open market

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