Katharine McPhee admitted that her husband David Foster wasn’t particularly pleased when she revealed her baby’s name on “Today With Hoda and Jenna” Week

McPhee called SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” where she talked about the announcement of the little boy’s name

The actress said, “My husband was kind of upset. I said,” What should I say? ” Nothing, I’m sorry, we don’t divide the name ???? Because we don’t want to be so pretentious about the name, but it’s just the only kind of thing to hold on to that feels private, you know, that you can kind of keep

“But Hoda [Kotb] just asked me on the Today Show,” What’s his name? “And I didn’t mean to say,” Sorry, we’re not sharing”â ????”

As Cunningham pointed out, “You can’t turn Hoda down,” McPhee replied “You can’t refuse Hoda”My husband’s friends are friends with her too. I think he likes a little, he just says,” It’s the only thing we have to keep private”a ???? And I want,” I’m sorry”You asked me the question -”

The star went on to comment on the cute name: “[It’s] Rennie David Foster and we love the name We’re so in love with him It’s really that original And it came to us like honestly two hours before he was born

“So it’s a family name [that] one of his family members only told us about it hours before he was born. And it kind of took my breath away. I’ve been waiting for something like this and I just didn’t think it would happen

“We wanted to call it something completely different, which was a great name, but not something that meant anything. So anyway, yeah, the cat is out of the pocket. It’s not that we’re the only people ours Have given child a name, but it’s just that we wanted to keep it private for as long as possible. Still, I’m in trouble, but hopefully my husband doesn’t get too angry
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McPhee also shared about filming Country Comfort while pregnant, the story of how she met her husband on American Idol and how their relationship developed from the 2006 season to their marriage in 2019 has

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