On Sunday, musician John Roderick became the subject of ridicule and controversy after posting a long thread describing his attempt to reach his 9th anniversary – the old daughter learns how to be herself worked a can opener to cook a few beans

According to his report, Roderick’s daughter spent six hours trying to figure out how to use the can opener before it finally worked

Jennings, who co-moderates the “Omnibus” podcast with Roderick, went to Twitter on Sunday to defend him He stated the story was “reinforced” and added that Roderick was “a loving and attentive father”

If that calms anyone, I know John personally as (a) a loving and attentive father who (b) tells stories about his own irascibility in about ten podcasts a week This site is so stupid

Since Roderick went viral, he has disabled his account In the middle of the attention, users dug up a number of old tweets with anti-Semitic and homophobic remarks

Okay, I just got some of Bean Dad’s biggest hits sent to me, and I think other than parenting – maybe he’s not that good as a guy? Just throw that out of there ImageTwittercom / umvvBqvWoc

Now if we search for words in old tweets it’s pretty easy to find what he actually thinks about anti-Semitism on our show, he’s always the pro-Israel!

Yes, fair enough. How about: There is no axis with an anti-Semitic screenshot depicting an actual opinion I’ve ever heard of him

Last month, Jennings apologized for his own old tweets, which some had found offensive, and admitted that he had written unartful and insensitive things, ”

The podcast “My brother, my brother & Me” with a theme song written by Roderick announced in the wake of the controversy that they will be looking for new themed music in the future

We appreciate John letting us use one of his songs as a theme for MBMBaM for almost a decade, but his response to the situation today is a symbol of a pattern of behavior that goes against the energy we’re trying to bring to you the things we do and so it’s time for us to move on

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World News – CA – Ken Jennings defends podcast co-host “Bean Dad” as a “loving and attentive” father amid Twitter controversy

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