There appears to be little immediate hope of a diplomatic thaw between President Joe Biden and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, with Pyongyang reportedly ignoring early contact with the administration while the Biden team conducts its North Korea- Strategy formulated

Reuters reported this weekend that North Korean officials have stopped responding to the Biden government’s behind-the-scenes publicity work since the new president’s inauguration in January, citing an unnamed senior administrative official

The report precedes a planned visit by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to South Korea and Japan as the Biden administration seeks to strengthen traditional American alliances to help contain China and North Korea

The Biden government has been treated cautiously in discussions about its North Korea strategy She expressed her desire for denuclearization in Pyongyang but did not offer any new ideas on how to do it. The government is currently conducting a policy review, which a senior official told Reuters last week that it was “expected to be” within the next Month or so will be completed “

The senior government official who told Reuters about North Korea’s radio silence provided little information on American coverage but said it “ran through multiple channels including in New York as of mid-February,” the official added, “Until Today we did not receive a response from Pyongyang “

Biden has praised North Korea for a tougher approach than his predecessor, ruled out meeting Kim, and criticized former President Donald Trump for his efforts to forge a close personal relationship with the young dictator

But Trump’s historic summit and gushing comments about his friendship with Kim won the US little The two heads of state and government agreed on a vague goal of denuclearization and sanctions easing at the first summit in Singapore in 2018, but the promise quickly collapsed when talks at working level stalled

Kim has maintained a moratorium on nuclear weapons and ICBM testing but has continued to test shorter range weapons to worry neighbors such as Japan and South Korea Despite conviction by his top officials, Trump declined such tests and instead focused on the moratorium on Nuclear ICBM

Towards the end of Trump’s tenure, relations returned to a traditional pattern of deadlocked conversation and aggressive rhetoric from Pyongyang, both toward Washington, DC. and Seoul

The Biden government official told Reuters that there was no real dialogue between the US and North Korea for more than a year, including the end of Trump’s tenure

The silence continued “although the United States has tried several times during this time to get involved,” said the official

Any diplomatic detente must overcome recent warlike statements on both sides. On the campaign, Biden described Kim as a “thug” and vowed that the “days of cuddling with dictators are over” North Korea equally rejected Biden, calling him “rabid” last year Dog “called who” had to be beaten to death with a stick “”

At the recent Congress of the ruling Labor Party, Kim described the US. as North Korea’s “main enemy” and vowed to expand the country’s nuclear arsenal despite Biden’s goal of denuclearization

Newsweek has contacted the State Department to request confirmation of the Reuters report and clarification of the nature of the US Range

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