Kylie Jenner has a phenomenal presence on social media with 222 million followers on Instagram and over 37 million on Twitter. Recently, she used her ability to draw eyeballs to content to meet Samuel Rauda, ​​a makeup artist, who works with mom Kris Jenner and half-sister Khloe Kardashian who recently needed emergency brain surgery to draw attention to her post on Instagram stories subsequently sparked a conversation, but likely not one the Keeping up with the Kardashians star intended

Samuel Rauda was in what many believe was an accident last weekend on Sunday the 14th On March 8th, the 26-year-old Hollywood makeup artist underwent an emergency brain surgery that was followed by a GoFundMe account by the Rauda family to recoup the cost of such an expensive operation that the young man and his family were not prepared for Kylie Jenner donated publicly 5$ 000 in the account and shared information with her Instagram stories this week, but some fans believe her whole take on Samuel Rauda’s accident was numb

And many people weren’t afraid to share their thoughts on what Kylie Jenner – a supposed billionaire – did to ask the average person to donate money to someone if it was about a problem or a person with Suffice it to say that people did not hold back in their answers:

If you think the idea is 450Earning $ 000 a day is a lot to calculate, another Twitter user went even further to calculate how little it would have cost Kylie Jenner to actually get on her feet and help Rauda in a more meaningful way

People are defending Kylie Jenner by pointing out that she is 5Donated $ 000 to her makeup artist’s medical GoFundMe Your net worth is $ 900 million, so that’s 0000006% of your net worth, if your net worth is 100, for exampleWould be $ 000, it would be like a 56 cents donation

Or, as another fan put it, Kylie Jenner spent more on accessories for her little one than on a person who worked on makeup for her famous family

Kylie Jenner gave her toddler a purse worth 15Bought $ 000, but asks her fans for moneyTwittercom / dH4Rua6Imk

Look, I’m sure a person with a lot of wealth receives requests for money all the time, and Kylie didn’t have to have a 5Donate $ 000 or draw attention to Samuel Rauda ??? The surgical and medical costs anyway, but the bigger problem for some of the people who saw their posts was the way they charged the average citizen for money

I still can’t believe that whole ass billionaire Kylie really asked us Brokies to donate to her friend’s GofundmeTHE AUDACITY ImageTwittercom / R7Adnj4Pzf

The good news is that it seems that Rauda’s recovery will have a happy ending. Initially she turned 60$ 000 raised for the young makeup artist, and that goal was increased to $ 120$ 000 expanded after donations were received At the time of this writing, GoFundMe has over $ 97$ 000 raised to help Rauda recover and pay medical expenses. One week after the accident, organizer Johanna Portillo reported on Sam:

It’s been a week since Sam’s accident. It wasn’t just right in the middle of it all, Sam keeps fighting and showing us how strong he really is. Please keep sending prayers on his way

Kylie Jenner, who brought out the accident, probably played a role in so many people who saw GoFundMe in the first place, but I’m not sure it had the intended effect

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