On Wednesday there are only about 3200 fans allowed at the Toyota Center when James Harden plays his first game in Houston since calling for a deal and forcing his way out of town

Kyrie Irving has a message for all of the Rockets fans planning to mistreat their favorite former player

“Everyone at home, enjoy the game On the court or about James in my presence or in the presence of others there will be no tension or conversation, “said Irving after the Nets win in extra time in San Antonio on Monday night.” We’re coming to Houston to enjoy the basketball game and to play it at a high level on behalf of James and the other guys because we know that regardless of whether we return to where he started it or where he started to take a big leap in his career, it will be a special evening We know what it means to all outsiders, but internally we’ll just have fun and play the game we love ”

Harden returns to Houston and plays at his usual remarkable level When the Nets defeated the Spurs, Harden was the first player to record at least 30 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds with no sales since sales were first recorded in 1977 Harden, who ended up with 30 points, 14 rebounds and 15 assists, has recorded seven triple doubles in his 22 games with the Nets that’s the triple doubles in a season of a Nets player since Jason Kidd had 12 in 2007/08. p>

Harden leads the league with 11 assists per game and the Nets are only half a game behind the 76ers for the best record in the Eastern Conference

“We look forward to the experience,” said Irving “We look forward to having fun It will be very competitive, lots of great players, no hostility on the pitch just size on display”

James Harden and Kyrie Irving, along with Kevin Durant, have the Brooklyn Nets with the second best record in the Eastern Conference

Perhaps fittingly, Harden can give the rockets their 13th birthday Consecutive loss, a number that will one day hang in the rafters of the Toyota Center

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James Harden

World News – CA – Kyrie Irving warns Rockets fans of James Harden’s return

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