The US. Congress rallied after Capitol Police ruled the building safe after pro-Trump protesters flooded its interior to force lawmakers to reverse the election results

WASHINGTON – US. Legislators have rallied at the Capitol to resume voting and confirm the November election result after police confirmed that the building was secured

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said the decision to reunite came after consultations with fellow congressional leaders and appeals to the Pentagon, Justice Department and Vice President Mike Pence, “We always knew that this responsibility would lead us into the night The night might still be long, but we hope for a shorter agenda, but our goal will be achieved, “she said in a statement

Pelosi’s announcement comes after lawmakers locked up for hours after the evacuation as Capitol Police tried to subdue pro-Trump rioters with tear gas and drawn guns after protesters stormed the building to force Congress to to reverse the loss of President Donald Trump’s election

Several House Republicans, after witnessing the violence in the Capitol, turned on and beat the president for inciting his supporters with “heated rhetoric”

“There is no question that the president formed the mob, the president instigated the mob, the president raised the mob He lit the flame,” tweeted Liz Cheney, chairman of the House Republican Conference, describing the attack as an attempt to prevent Congress from fulfilling its constitutional duty to review the results of the 2020 elections

We have sworn an oath under God to defend the Constitution. We uphold this oath at all times, not just when it is politically favorable. Congress does not have the authority to overthrow elections by objecting to voters & is against the Constitution

Representative Mike Gallagher, a Republican who supported Trump, called the chaos on Twitter “the absolute crap of the banana republic” and asked Trump to “cancel”

Representative James French Hill, who voted with Trump more than 95 percent of the time, told CNBC, “The president bears some responsibility for the heated rhetoric”

Former US. Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush also criticized the riots in the Capitol “History will rightly remember today’s Capitol violence, instigated by a seated President who continued to lie unfounded about the outcome of a legitimate election as one.” Moment of great shame and shame for our nation, “said the Democrat Obama a statement Bush did not name Trump directly, but said he was” appalled at the ruthless behavior of some political leaders “

We’re currently experiencing absolute crap in the banana republic in the United States’ Capitol @realdonaldtrump, you have to cancel the imageTwittercom / 0QGx2PlXFY

Sen Mitch McConnell and Vice President Pence have also issued statements on today’s chaos, but their criticism was directed more against the protesters than against Trump. “We will not bow to lawlessness,” McConnell said in a statement

Sergeant Paul Irving previously told members of the house that the building had been secured after hours of unrest in which a protester was fatally shot in the neck, according to media reports, the person was shot dead by a police officer However, law enforcement has determined that it is unclear who shot the person

A spokeswoman for the FBI has also confirmed that two explosive devices found at the Republican National Convention in Washington and the Democratic National Convention have been brought to safety, although the investigation is ongoing, the former has since been identified as a pipe bomb and was used by Safely detonated by a bomb squad, the latter has not yet been identified House NCO Paul Irving previously told members of the House that the building had been secured after hours of unrest in which a protester was fatally shot in the neck, according to media reports the person became shot by a police officer However, law enforcement has determined that it is unclear who shot the person

During the final hour of the raging mayhem, President-elect Joe Biden urged Trump to go on national television and defend the US Constitution and “calling for an end to this siege”

“I urge this mob to step back and move forward with the work of democracy,” added Biden

Trump ordered National Guard troops to join the US. Capitol and told supporters who overpowered the Capitol Police and stormed the convention halls, forcing the debate over Biden’s victory in the electoral college to be suspended and go home

“We had a choice that was stolen from us,” Trump said in a video he tweeted more than two hours after the mob breached the barricades. “But you have to go home now. We have to have peace, we have to have law and order, we have to respect our great people in law and order ”

But Trump has been convicted for making a statement urging protesters to go home while repeating claims that the election was fraudulent, “I know how you feel,” saying he his supporters

“He just won’t do it. He was mad at (Mike) Pence for refusing to do something he had no power to do, and that’s it,” wrote Maggie Haberman, New York reporter Times, on Twitter

Trump urged Pence to discard election results in states that the president had narrowly lost, even though Pence has no authority to do so

Acting US. Defense Secretary Chris Miller on Wednesday said the entire DC. The National Guard had been activated and he was ready to provide additional assistance at the request of the local authorities

“We have fully activated the DC The National Guard is assisting law enforcement agencies at the federal and local levels in their peaceful handling of the situation, “Miller said
Police evacuated the House of Representatives and Senate after protesters marched through the convention halls, forcing both chambers to suspend deliberations while they met to confirm Biden’s victory in November 3 election

Police escorted the House of Representatives out of the Chamber. The Senate adjourned abruptly and Pence, who was chairing a joint congressional session, was brought to safety

The Capitol Police urged lawmakers in the Chamber of the House to take gas masks from under their seats and prepare to put them on Officers at the front door of the Chamber of the House had their guns drawn when someone tried to enter the chamber / p>

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the violent protests in Washington “shocking scenes” and said the result of the “democratic” US. Choice must be respected

The scenes came after Trump approached thousands of supporters near the White House and repeated unsubstantiated claims that the election was stolen from him for widespread fraud, election officials from both parties and independent observers said there was no significant fraud in the contest given that Biden won with more than 7 million votes

The Department of Homeland Security told The Associated Press that Federal Protective Service and US. Intelligence officers were sent to the Capitol

@MittRomney called me when legislators and the press got to a safe place “That is what the president caused this uprising today,” he said angrily in his voice

Weeks have passed since states finalized confirmation that Democrat Biden won the election by 306 electoral college votes against Trump’s 232. Trump’s extraordinary challenges to Biden’s victory were rejected by courts across the country

You are in the chamber. One stands on the podium and yells: “Trump won this election!” That’s a crazy picture on twittercom / p6CXhBDSFT

Just a short walk from the rally held by Trump, hundreds of his supporters overturned barricades and clashed with police on the grounds of the U. S. The Capitol, where Congress met, climbed the buildings used for Biden’s dedication ceremony on Jan. Raised January 20 to deploy Trump flags and gather on the steps of the Capitol, police used tear gas and pepper spray on some protesters

#BREAKING: Senators Suspend Electoral College Debate Amid Protests on Capitol Hill Sen James Lankford: “Protesters are in the building” BildTwittercom / GNOCrtpAuN

Crowds gathered at the Save America March wore Trump-approved red baseball caps and cheered as Trump reiterated the baseless conspiracy theories that had consumed his last days in office – a time when coronavirus Infections have increased in the United States The pandemic is getting worse

“They don’t admit when it comes to theft,” Trump said after taking the stage after Elton John and Phil Collins blasted a loudspeaker playlist with power ballads, “Our country has enough and we will Can’t take it anymore ”

For over an hour, he emitted familiar complaints with the news media and Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival in the 2016 election, and delighted the crowd by calling Democratic victories the product of what he called “explosions of bullshit” labeled “

“Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! “The crowd sang in response. Most didn’t wear face masks, which health experts have asked to help curb the spread of COVID-19, which has seen more than 350000 Americans were killed

NEW: The video shared by a congressman shows Trump protesters attacking the Capitol Police and engaging in a violent protest: https: // tco / G32cbxl6RJ

Congress should confirm Biden’s victory on Wednesday.Many of Trump’s Republicans have promised a stone wall that could extend the trial after midnight, but would almost certainly fail

Before the matter was settled, Pence had opened the process in his constitutional role as President of the Senate In a statement, he said that while he shared concerns about the “integrity” of the elections, it was wrong for him to Can accept or reject votes unilaterally

In his remarks at the rally, Trump repeatedly expressed his frustration with pence for not preventing Congress from confirming the result

“Mike Pence, I hope you will work for the good of our Constitution and the good of our country,” Trump said “And if you are not I will be very disappointed in you, I’ll tell you in a moment”

Trump returned to the White House when some at the rally marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to join the protesters who stormed the U. Capitol grounds

Members of militia and far-right groups, some in body armor, mingled with the crowd, and some government buildings were on high alert

“I’m staying in my office,” a Michigan congresswoman Haley Stevens wrote on Twitter, “The building next door has been evacuated I can’t believe I have to write this”

Washington police had previously banned Enrique Tarrio, the leader of Trump-backing far-right group Proud Boys, from the city after he was arrested on Monday for destroying property and possession of a gun magazine

Most of the crowd control fell to the Metropolitan Police Department, all 3750 officers, the Capitol Police, the Park Police, and the U. The secret service and more than 300 members of the city’s National Guard, according to Washington police chief Robert Contee, and other officials

Police have advised protesters not to bring their guns to Washington, where some of the strictest gun laws in the country apply and the open carrying of firearms is prohibited

Supporters of President Donald Trump have also held rallies outside of state houses in several cities including Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, which coincided with the storm on the U.S Capitol in Washington, local news media said

Protesters flocked to the Kansas Statehouse in Topeka and gathered on the first floor of the Capitol Rotunda, although the rally remained orderly, KSNT TV reported

There have been no immediate reports of violence, although there have been numerous demonstrations by pro-Trump protesters reiterating his baseless claims that he was deprived of a re-election victory for electoral fraud

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said on Twitter that he directed city authorities to shut down civic offices in Colorado’s state capital “out of caution” after some 700 protesters gathered at the downtown statehouse

“I hope this situation is resolved quickly. Pray for our nation,” he tweeted

A large courthouse complex and two other government buildings in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, have also closed due to protests near the statehouse

Trump supporters gather outside Colorado State Capitol in DenverOver 200 in attendance for rally; At least two groups of riot police are stationed nearby BildTwittercom / r913vFf2u1

Among those whose daily routine has been changed were aides to Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger, the Republican election official who was pressured by Trump in a phone call over the weekend to find enough additional votes for the president to end the Revoke November President Victory – Elect Joe Biden to take office in two weeks

Raffensperger’s spokesman, Walter Jones, said staff left their offices after lunch out of caution due to protests. He said Raffensperger was not in the office at the time

In Salt Lake City, state Capitol Preservation Board director Dana Jones said she asked building staff to work from home on the advice of the Utah Highway Patrol and the public safety officer, according to the Salt Lake Tribune

The precaution was taken, the newspaper said, in response to a crowd of about 250 pro-Trump protesters who put up signs on the Capitol that read “Stop the steal!” and “Trump won!”

A spokesman for Utah State Police said security at the Capitol had been improved, although he said the protesters there were “very peaceful,” the Tribune reported. It said one of his photographers was sprayed with pepper spray by angry people, because he documented their protest

Hundreds of Trump supporters held a “Stop the Steal” rally at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, cheering and mocking while guillotine

Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, said Trump “instigated violence to keep power and any elected leader who defends him is breaking his constitutional oath and rejecting democracy of anarchy … Vice President Pence, who has been evacuated from the Capitol, should seriously consider working with Cabinet to bring the 25th Change to maintain democracy to assert ”The head of a major US. Group of companies urged Senior US. Officials are considering removing Trump from office

Trump still has 14 days in office before President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. January takes office 20

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the scenes in the U in a tweetS. Congress as a “shame” stating that the United States stands for democracy worldwide, and that was what it was “important” now that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the enemies of democracy were cheered on by scenes of violence in the United States Capitol and he urged Trump to accept US Voting decision

In a tweet released after protesters stormed the headquarters of the US Lawmakers, Maas said the violence was caused by inflammatory rhetoric “Trump and his supporters must finally accept the decision of American voters and stop trampling on democracy”

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