All a lot of people want for Christmas this year is a simple hug, Queen Elizabeth said in her annual festive message, saying it was difficult for those who lost loved ones to the COVID-19 pandemic or due to social mixing were separated by curbs

In her traditional pre-recorded Christmas Day address to the nation, the 94-year-old monarch repeatedly spoke of hope for the future while acknowledging that millions of Brits would not be able to celebrate their usual family celebrations this year. p>

“Of course, this time of year will be marked by grief for many; some grieve for those they love and others miss friends and family who are aloof for safety when all they really want for Christmas is a simple hug or a hug Pressure is of the hand, “said Elizabeth

“If you are among them, you are not alone. And I assure you of my thoughts and prayers”

The Queen herself had to forego her traditional Christmas parties and spends the Christmas season quietly in Windsor Castle with her husband Prince Philip, 99

Usually all of the Windsors gather at their home on the Sandringham Estate in eastern England Strolling to a nearby church for a Christmas Day service is a staple of the royal calendar

However, the UK is currently struggling to contain the spread of a new variant of the novel coronavirus The number of new infections hit record levels this week, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths soared

Much of the country has been severely restricted and for London and the surrounding areas households are not allowed to mix at all over Christmas, while in other areas there are strict restrictions restricting contact to just one day

“Remarkably, a year that necessarily kept people apart has brought us closer in many ways,” said the Queen, adding that the royals were inspired by stories of those who volunteered to help others in need

“In the UK and around the world, people have faced the challenges of the year magnificently and I am so proud and moved by this calm, indomitable spirit”

In this undated photo taken on Friday, December 25, 2020, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II draws Their annual Christmas broadcast at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England, on (Victoria Jones / Pool via AP)

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