Meghan Markle not only answered questions about her relationship with the royal family, but also addressed her argument with her estranged father Thomas Markle during her and Prince Harry’s CBS interviews on Sunday the 7th March

39-year-old Suits Alaun, who is pregnant with baby number 2, spoke of the “very clear instruction” she was given, “from the moment the world knew Harry and I were together to always say “No comment” These are my friends, my parents “

But the plan not to speak to the press went horribly wrong days before the couple’s 2018 wedding when Meghan’s dad, 76, was embroiled in a paparazzi photo scandal that Thomas later failed to attend or lead the wedding his daughter down the aisle amid scandal and alleged health problems after skipping the wedding, he repeatedly slapped the royal family in the press, comparing his daughter’s in-laws to a “cult” Meghan and her father stop talking

As Harry and Meghan look forward to welcoming a little girl in the summer after a miscarriage last year, the Duchess of Sussex looked openly at the turbulence of recent years

“I mourn very much”, she said on Sunday “I mean, I lost my father I lost a baby I almost lost my name I mean, there is the loss of identity But I still stand and my hope for the people who benefit is knowing that there is another side ”

But memories of her estrangement from her father persist in October 2019, on Sunday, when Mail posted a private letter Meghan wrote to Thomas amid her troubles, the Duchess then filed a lawsuit against the outlet, her lawyers wrote in the documents that the “letter was written at a time of great personal agony and distress” and contained “her intimate thoughts and feelings about her father’s health and relationship with him at the time.” The lawsuit was settled earlier this month

When Meghan and Harry announced their decision to withdraw from their role as Queen Elizabeth II in January 2020 resigning, Thomas changed his mind about the Royals

“I’m just saying that I’m disappointed,” he told us Weekly exclusively at the time of his daughter’s decision

Meghan also has a strained relationship with her half-sister Samantha Markle.In addition to comparing Meghan with “Cruella de Vil” in August 2018, Samantha has publicly sided with her father and shadowed the couple’s royal outcome

“I think what is shocking is the lack of consideration for the people involved, the British royal family, the promises originally made to fulfill royal duties and lead by example,” Samantha told Inside Edition in 2020 “They stepped into the spotlight and knew what the duties were and what the media would be like for them. If she wanted to be this private, she wouldn’t have been sitting at Wimbledon with 40 seats around her”

Samantha published a book, Princess Pushy’s Sister’s Diary, Part 1, in February 2021.She not only told alleged stories about her childhood, but also claimed Meghan “changed” when she met Harry

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