A large multinational tech company headquartered in India plans to expand operations in Canada and add hundreds of jobs to the city of Calgary

Infosys, a publicly traded tech giant specializing in digital services and consulting, announced Wednesday that it will create 500 jobs in the city over the next three years as part of its expansion in Canada

Infosys plans to expand its Canadian operations on Aug.000 employees to double It already has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal

The company practically announced the investment in Calgary with Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Prime Minister Jason Kenney, Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary Economic Development, Ed Sims, CEO of WestJet, David Ross, President of SAIT, and representatives from Invest Alberta

According to company president Ravi Kumar, Calgary was selected for expansion because of its low cost of living, positive quality of life and academic community

“We believe that Calgary will be a vibrant hub of technology and innovation,” said Kumar to a virtual audience on Wednesday

The technology giant provides software development and maintenance for companies in a variety of sectors including finance, insurance, and manufacturing

Officials said Infosys would move to a downtown office space, suggesting a possible search for a room of 50Suggesting 000 square feet; With the pandemic forcing people to work from home, no decision has been made on a location yet

Premier Jason Kenney said he was delighted with the company’s announcement that it is expanding into Calgary, adding that the province’s technology sector is slowly reaching “critical mass”

“It has been a difficult year in this province, a tough year for all of us with COVID, but this is a big sign for the future”

The move is seen as a signal to the tech community that Calgary is not only creating an innovation economy, but is competing against larger tech centers for multinational companies worldwide

“This is a big positive sign that you can build tech companies in the city,” said Irfhan Rawji, CEO of tech company MobSquad

“If you think of other ecosystems like San Francisco or New York or London or Vancouver or Toronto they have big players there too. If we have a big player like Infosys here, it means we’re starting to compete on a more global scale”

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Calgary Economic Development CEO Mary Moran met with Anurag Varma, Prime Minister of Public Affairs for Infosys, for dinner on a trade mission to Palo Alto, Calif. Nenshi told the virtual audience that the announcement on Wednesday is a long time coming

“We wanted a world leader with deep energy skills that could help us rethink our own economic transition,” said Nenshi. “We wanted a company that was very good at helping people transition between industries and recruiting new graduates”

According to the colleague and economist of the President of the School of Public Policy, Dr Jack Mintz, one of the challenges facing the city’s tech sector in recent years has been the inability to keep tech talent in the city

“There are not enough people trained in technology professions by universities and colleges,” Mintz said. “I think post-secondary education institutions need to step up their activities”

Infosys plans to partner with 14 post-secondary institutions, including the University of Calgary and SAIT, to train graduates for recruitment to recruitment

The company has done similar work in six “hubs” in the US, where there have been more than 13 in the past three years000 employees and plans to have 12 by 2022To hire 000 more employees in the US p

“We have hired schools and colleges We have taken on talent from traditional industries and built bridges into the digital future, ”said Kumar

“This is a tried and tested experiment We did it in the US, we did it in Vancouver and now we do it in the beautiful city of Calgary ”

“What’s the beauty of this announcement from Infosys? It’s a signal to all of our young people studying computer science that there is an opportunity and a job waiting for them,” said Rawji. “This is the way to build.” Pick up an innovation economy and get people to actually study these topics to find the skills that are in demand””

Wednesday’s announcement comes after post-secondary institutions in the province saw a 5.4 percent less operation and fewer than 750 full-time jobs


Jim Gibson, dean of the SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology, said that while post-secondary institutions need to focus on transformation and transition, the capacity for digital transformation is well underway

“We just got invited to the big dance to improve our game and make sure we are ready to work with an absolutely leading global player,” said Gibson

“I think there’s enough capacity, I think there’s a real desire and a real urge, and an announcement like Infosys is one of those moments when you light the fuse and go””

In March 2020, the company reported 242 worldwide371 employees, of whom 91679 women are

Infosys has offices in India, the US, China, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and Europe

The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and its website states that it is $ 13 billion company with a market capitalization of approximately $ 722 trillion

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