Public Health on Tuesday announced a record number of COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick and a rollback of all zones in the province to the orange phase

There are 27 new cases in the province, with active cases in each region of the province, Chief Medical Health Officer Dr Jennifer Russell said at a briefing on Tuesday

Both Russell and Prime Minister Blaine Higgs spoke at the meeting, repeatedly emphasizing the urgency of the escalating cases the province is facing

“The situation is very serious,” said Russell. “We were hoping this would not happen, but we expected it and we are ready for it now that it is here. So we are acting swiftly and decisively to prevent it that the current outbreaks are spreading in the province “

Higgs described the situation as “alarming” with more than 50 cases in the last three days alone and said the health system was at particularly worrying risks

Prime Minister Blaine Higgs adopted a stern and outspoken tone in Tuesday’s briefing, admonishing some New Brunswickers to be “selfish” and saying others had “lied” to public health contact tracers >

“Despite aggressive news before and during the holiday season, we knew some would selfishly ignore the rules,” he said, noting that some people who are symptomatic would go to work – in one instance, revealing “to 150 others “

These deliberate actions, combined with placeholders like the highly contagious UK Variant of the coronavirus could put the province at risk, Higgs said

“There is a risk that our healthcare system will face hundreds of new cases every day and quickly become overwhelmed. To say this would be devastating is an understatement”

Emphasizing the importance of not traveling outside of your zone for “essential” reasons such as work, school, and medical appointments, he said enforcement of the “full 14-day self-isolation period” is being stepped up

“We will step up our health and safety checks on self-isolating travelers,” he said. “Officials will continue to make personal visits”

He later added, “If you do not take care of yourself, please take care of others. We are actually talking about life and death at this time”

Public Health reported 27 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, the highest number in a day since the pandemic started

The number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick is 662 and 572 have recovered There have been nine deaths and the number of active cases is 80

A patient is admitted to the hospital and is in an intensive care unit253 tests performed

New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health is not ruling out some or all of the regions being rolled back to the red level of COVID-19 recovery

In addition to the province, which recorded the highest number of cases in a single day on Tuesday since the pandemic began, the UK The variant of the virus “poses quite a threat to our continued success in fighting outbreaks and future containment of COVID-19,” she said

New Brunswick is also at a “critical juncture” with the launch of its vaccination campaign, Russell said health system implications could affect the launch of the vaccine in high priority groups such as: B. Long-term care residents, impact over the next three months

“So we have a lot of different variables that we now consider when we have these discussions, and it’s a rapidly evolving situation”

Public Health, its partners and the COVID-19 Cabinet Committee continue to discuss the issues and will make decisions over the next few days, she said

More help is coming to small businesses hit by COVID-19, Premier Blaine Higgs announced on Tuesday

Non-refundable grants of up to 5 are available through Opportunities New Brunswick$ 000 granted to businesses exposed to more restrictive orange or red alerting measures for at least a week between October and October 10, 2020 and 31 March 2021, he said

More details on the grants, such as B. Eligibility and how and where entrepreneurs can apply will be available in the near future, he said

Meanwhile, he was encouraging New Brunswickers to support businesses in their community and the local economy

The new assistance program complements previous changes to strengthen the emergency working capital program for small businesses, said Higgs

As of Dec 11 As a result of the program, more than $ 17 million has been distributed to businesses across the province, with a nearly 50-50 split between northern and southern regions, he said

Public health guidelines for the orange phase mean residents must adhere to a budget bubble that includes those they live with but that can be extended to caregivers and an immediate family member who is not in the household alive but needs support

It is recommended that you only make substantial trips inside and outside the orange phase zones However, individuals can still travel within the province for work, school, important errands, and medical appointments

Outdoor gatherings with a physical distance of 25 people or less are allowed. Physical distancing is required in all other settings

The briefing follows four days of increasing case numbers since the New Year and news on Tuesday of several new cases in buildings where seniors live

At a nursing home in Saint John, COVID-19 resurfaced Tuesday with two new confirmed cases, and a case of respiratory disease was also confirmed at a retirement home in Moncton

A resident and employee of Shannex IncThe Tucker Hall nursing home in Saint John tested positive, the company confirmed in a statement

All residents isolate themselves in their rooms and will be tested again on Tuesday along with all employees, the statement says. Anyone who tests positive will be notified immediately

An outbreak was reported at the nursing home in November 20, and the last positive case was announced on December 17 outbreaks are typically reported over 28 days – two COVID-19 incubation periods – after the last case tested positive

“This is disappointing news for everyone at Tucker Hall, but especially for residents and families who suffered from the first phase of this outbreak,” Derek Green, vice president of New Brunswick Operations, said in a statement >

“This virus was incredibly difficult to fight, but we’re working closely with our public health partners and doing everything we can to protect our community and go beyond so families can be safe together again,” he said >

Full precautionary measures continue to apply to all employees, including active health screening with temperature checks, use of masks and other personal protective equipment, adequate hand hygiene and physical distancing

Premier Blaine Higgs and Dr Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer for Health, will be holding a COVID-19 press conference at 2:30 p.m. in Fredericton

In Moncton, a man who lives in People’s Park Tower tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week, Paul Hanscomb, vice president of residential operations at the residence, said Tuesday

“Where all residents are relatively independent, they can come and go,” he said, “We have very little control over what residents do outside of the building”

The man has on Jan Taken a COVID-19 test 1 after someone tested positive for the virus at the congregation, Hanscomb said its results came back two days later,

The next day, management made additional arrangements, e.g. B. removing the cleaning staff from the apartments and closing the public laundry areas to minimize contact between residents and employees

Hanscomb said that Public Health has completed its investigation and that no resident or employee will be considered close contacts on the confirmed case

Hanscomb had no other details, including where the meeting was held or how many people were present

He said the person did not interact with other residents, participate in construction work, or use services such as the dining area or the pharmacy

“COVID-19 has a lot of stigma going on right now, and it’s nice if we can change that because it results in people not revealing anything when they’re not feeling well,” said Hanscomb

Up to 75 percent of people plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine, according to a survey by New Brunswick Public Health According to a survey for the province of Dr Jennifer Russell says

Although priority groups are now receiving the vaccine, Russell, the chief health officer, said the province won’t receive large amounts of the vaccine until later in the spring or early fall

And it will be a few months before public health can roll out the vaccine faster, much like the flu campaign

Russell said she was not concerned that 25 percent of New Brunswickers might not want the vaccine, since a vaccination rate of 65 percent would be effective

“What worries me right now is the outbreak that we are under control so we don’t have health care workers dealing with COVID issues as opposed to vaccination issues,” Russell said in an interview with Information Morgen Fredericton / p>

Russell also warned people about the latest UK Variant of COVID-19 believed to be spreading faster than the original version

She said only people who travel from UK are currently being tested for the new variant

“Stay home if you are not feeling well,” she said. “Stay home from work and don’t attend any gatherings I think people had a false sense of security that we only had a few cases and they had nothing to worry about “

Russell said she understands that people are probably tired of hearing about COVID-19, but it’s important to stay vigilant and support those diagnosed with the virus

“We do an amazing job every day to get the job done,” said Justin McGuigan, chief fire officer, North York Regional Fire Department

During the pandemic, McGuigan said residents have rediscovered what it means to have a little more free time and joining a local fire department isn’t always the most important thing

And some of the training drills targeting new recruits cannot be done because of the pandemic.But the local fire chief encourages people to volunteer even if they want to do other chores like direct traffic or making sure the fire trucks are ready for use in an emergency

In the fall of 2017, more than 145 of the 167 fire departments in the province relied on volunteer firefighters

The Shivering Songs music festival will take place in Fredericton from January 20-24, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be very different

“We wanted to do something positive for the community that is safe [and] gives the community something to look forward to”

Atkinson said the local festival will follow safety protocols and provide a safe place for concert-goers

Masks are mandatory, there are fewer shows and performers, and the capacity of the venues is reduced

He said that many venues like the Fredericton Playhouse and the Cap already have operational plans to protect the public

But if COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the region, Atkinson says they are ready to hold the festival virtually

The festival will feature a full New Brunswick cast including Juno Prize winner Jeremy Dutcher, Grand Theft Bus, and The Hypochondriacs

“There has been a lot of talk, should we do this? Shouldn’t we?” he said “we want to move forward”

Public Health has found a positive case in one traveler who may have been infectious on the following flights:

If you have been in any of these places and you have no symptoms of COVID-19, monitor yourself and follow all public health guidelines If you have mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 and you are not speaking to a nurse complete the self-assessment and get tested

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