Dr Jennifer Russell updated the province on COVID-19 5 January screenshot courtesy of Gov NB on YouTube

Public Health has recommended that all health zones return to the orange levels of the COVID-19 pandemic at midnight

27 new cases were announced on Tuesday, the highest daily case count in the province since the pandemic started

Nine of the new cases were found in the Moncton area, eleven cases were announced in the Fredericton Health Zone, three were discovered in Saint John and two cases were found in the Edmundston and Campbellton areas, respectively

There are currently 80 active cases in the province. One person remains hospitalized and in intensive care with the virus

“We were hoping this wouldn’t happen, but we expected it and are ready for it now that it is here,” said Dr Jennifer Russell, Provincial Health Director “We are acting swiftly and decisively to prevent the ongoing outbreaks from spreading across the province”

Under orange restrictions, New Brunswickers are limited to single-family bladders. Outside, masks are required if two meters cannot be kept

The province also urges residents not to travel between zones for non-essential reasons, but those who live and work in separate zones are allowed to do so

Although the province reported an increase in cases over the weekend, most of those cases were localized in the Fredericton and Moncton regions, however, the provincial chief medical health officer said chains of transmission have resulted in clusters of cases in more regions are

“There is a serious risk that the current outbreaks will spread further, overwhelming our health systems with hundreds of new cases every day, as is currently happening in Maine and Quebec,” she said

With 50 new cases since Sunday, the number of active cases in the province has doubled in this period

Premier Blaine Higgs pointed out that a single case of COVID-19 in the Saint John area last fall resulted in 80 more confirmed cases

“We don’t want what happens in other provinces and countries to happen here in New Brunswick,” said Higgs. “We have seen how quickly this can spread, how quickly it can get out of control”

The Prime Minister said they expected some New Brunswickers to act “selfishly” during the holiday season by ignoring COVID-19 restrictions, and the new cases prove they were right to be concerned

Higgs warned the current path could lead to hundreds of new cases in the province, saying one person ignored symptoms and exposed up to 150 people to the virus after work

Dr Russell said they believe many of the cases are related to family gatherings over the holidays, but that they haven’t seen any spike caused by New Year’s Eve gatherings

“People who showed symptoms of COVID-19 attended holiday gatherings with family and friends, and some people went to work with symptoms,” she said

Russell added that they are also concerned about the new variants of COVID-19 that have resulted in severe lockdowns in the UK

The province also announced on Tuesday relief for small businesses to receive Opportunity NB grants of up to 5$ 000 is available to businesses that have been doing business since Jan. October were open during the orange or red phases of the pandemic

Residents of Moncton will be warned of possible public area exposures near the New Year

Public health warns anyone who warms up at Miss Cue Pool Hall on Mountain Road between 11 p.m. December and 1:30 a.m. 1 January and Wal-Mart on January 30th December between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm and December 31st December between 11 am and 4 pm self-monitoring for symptoms

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