A man rides a bicycle while people on 26 Run on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida on June 6, 2020 (Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty Images / CNN)

This time of year, many Canadians are preparing for their vacations, and perhaps the most appealing destinations are Florida beaches.South Florida is particularly popular with our snowbirds who want to escape the harsh winter weather in many parts of the county

However, this year many vacation plans have been canceled due to the pandemic – more than 70 percent of the 500 or so decided, according to the Canadian Snowbird Association000, who normally move south, for staying in 2020

It is a wise decision to make the alleged sacrifice of canceling this year’s Florida trip. The weather down there may be a lot better, but the COVID-19 situation in the sunshine is not very bright

In the week of 14 Florida reported about December 10th727 cases and 102 deaths per day, bringing the total death toll from the virus to 20690 increased According to the Florida Department of Health, the state has registered more than 1.1 million COVID-19 cases since March

It is true that the population of Florida (215 million) is two and a half times the size of Quebec’s 8 million people, but the number of confirmed cases in the state is six times higher than that of Quebec – as of Friday, June 18 December, Quebec had a total of 176985 confirmed cases

In the week of 14 Florida had three and a half times more daily deaths from COVID-19 than Quebec, which recorded an average of 29 deaths per day in terms of positivity rate – the ratio of confirmed cases to the number of tests – for the week of December 14, Florida had three and a half times more daily deaths from COVID-19 As of December, the rate in Florida was approximately 87 percent while the rate for Quebec was 4-9 percent

Some of these Canadians who made the trip to Florida seem amazed that so many others haven’t done the same, as one snow bird put it: “Many stayed home I think they were scared”

The reality is that those who resisted the temptation had good reasons to do so. Aside from the Florida COVID-19 data, the response of the state governor Ron DeSantis to the crisis was equally worrying

In fact, he has been widely accused of downplaying the severity of the pandemic as it escalated across Florida, DeSantis continues to oppose mask orders, restrictions on indoor eating, and penalties for facilities where people can congregate

Fortunately, our political leaders have been much more vigilant.Yesterday, CTV reported that the Ford government would likely lock all of Ontario later this week, Prime Minister François Legault has also called for an 18-day lockdown across the province, starting on Christmas Day Non-essential stores across the province will be closed from December 25 to Jan 11

A poll by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies in mid-December found that nearly two out of three Canadians support provincial lockdown for the holiday season and understand the importance of this if we are to fight the pandemic

It is true that there is an obvious contradiction: the Canadian government is enforcing border closings to prevent non-essential travel to the US, but it does allow some non-essential travel by air, in other words, it’s fine, from to fly to Florida at a local airport, but it’s not okay to drive there

The reasons for this discrepancy have long required explanation from our politicians. Now it makes even less sense for our provincial governments to put vacation bans and urge us to avoid things that are not essential

In the meantime, for those Snowbirds still contemplating escaping to Florida, make an informed decision by reviewing the COVID situation at your destination, in the end you may conclude that it is far better at this point to stay in place

Quebec Lockdown

World News – CA – Opinion: When it comes to COVID-19, the situation in Quebec is “sunnier” than in Florida

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