In the final days of his presidency, Donald Trump has debated the martial law appeal to the results of The 2020 election and the seizure of allegedly fraudulent voting machines that – according to a wild people-propounded conspiracy theory who invited Trump to the Oval Office to discuss the matter – used to rob him of a second term.This is just the most extreme example of Trump’s post-election behavior, which is becoming more unpredictable and dangerous for our democracy by the day His supporters have now even stormed the US Capitol in protest while Congress voted to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory

More than 50 years ago, the authors of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution anticipates the possibility that a President’s conduct becomes so unstable that it would prove necessary to have a constitutional mechanism to remove him immediately from office Section 4 of this amendment provides a procedure for doing this: If the The Vice-President and the majority of the Cabinet decide that, for some reason, the President is no longer able to exercise the powers and duties of the Office and they send a letter to this effect, and the Vice-President becomes, and remains, incumbent President because and until Congress refuses to maintain this transfer of power

Legal scholars who deal with the drafting and acceptance of the 25th Amendment acknowledge that its authors have deliberately designed it so that Section 4 can be used to address a wide variety of potential situations – particularly in the circumstances in which the nation operates today To deal with uncontroversial cases of inability of the President to deal with, for example when a President falls into a coma or is kidnapped, but section 4 has been added to the amendment to also deal with controversial cases: in particular, cases of the President’s inability to take office , was denied by the President himself

Those who drafted and ratified the amendment made it clear at this point that they were deliberately using general and open language in the text of the amendment instead of defining which circumstances would justify the use of Section 4 because they have carefully come to the conclusion that it would be futile to anticipate in advance all the circumstances that would require the removal of a president

Members of the administration reportedly discussed the possibility of invoking the amendment in the early days of Trump’s presidency That possibility, however, has been dismissed as purely theoretical, particularly given an obvious problem: two-thirds of every house of Congress would have to vote for the vice president to continue taking over the position of incumbent president, but when we get to the final days of the Trump presidency, this will The mechanism of the amendment allows the Vice President to remain in the position of incumbent president for at least 25 days, as long as a simple majority of at least one Chamber of Congress is willing to cooperate

It may seem extremely unlikely that Mike Pence, who was one of Trump’s most astute makers at the time, would even consider exploiting this constitutional power, but it’s always possible that the situation between now and Jan. January, when Trump’s term expires, becomes so extreme that he and eight other cabinet members find the level of personal courage and moral decency required to do the right thing

Trump would fight back, but it wouldn’t matter this late in his presidency.Once Pence has delivered the letter to Congress making him incumbent president, Trump can challenge the vice president’s actions through a letter of his own, section four would Pence After Pence did so, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives could, by a simple majority, refuse to respond to the material dispute for the remaining 21 days (In the meantime, Democrats could take any action in the Senate filibusting) If it weren’t for the end of his term in office, Trump would return to office after 21 days if Congress didn’t act

This means, in effect, that Pence could become acting president and stay in the position for the remainder of the current administration’s term as long as House Democrats join the new status quo. For the good of the nation, he should do so now

Although Baraitser has denied a request for Assange’s extradition to the US At the beginning of this week he will remain in a London prison for the time being

A British judge on Wednesday denied WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail and ordered him to stay in a maximum security prison while U.K Courts decide whether he will be sent to the US to bring espionage charges

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said Assange must remain in jail while courts are considering an appeal from US Authorities oppose their decision not to extradite him

The judge said Assange “has an incentive to flee” and there is a good chance he would not return to court if freed

The US. could soon give at least a million COVID-19 vaccinations per day despite the slow start, Dr Anthony Fauci said Tuesday despite warning of a dangerous week ahead as the coronavirus spiked

… “Every time you start a big program, there are always glitches I think the glitches have been fixed,” the nation’s leading infectious disease expert told The Associated Press

Vaccinations have already increased, reaching roughly half a million injections a day, he pointed out

Now that the holidays are over, “Once you get started and get some momentum, I think we can reach 1 million a day or even more,” said Fauci, describing the president-elect’s goal Joe Biden, to get 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days as “a very realistic, important and achievable goal”

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25 Change what is the 25th Change

World News – CA – Pence should focus on 25 Appointed change to remove Trump from office immediately