Amid the ongoing discussions about racism related to the ABC franchise and Chris Harrison “pulling out” of the show, Lindsay’s “Higher Learning” podcast co-host Van Lathan announced she had her Deactivated account on the social media platform on Friday

“She did it because she gets so much hatred from” Bachelor “fans spamming her with all sorts of rude and hateful things,” he said in an Instagram video

Earlier this month, Lindsay, who was the first black “Bachelorette” in the hit reality series in 2017, confronted host Chris Harrison with the alleged racist behavior of current candidate Rachael Kirkconnell in the past

“I saw a picture of her at a sisterhood party five years ago and that was it, boom. This girl is in this book now, and she is in this group now, and I really like it?” Harrison, 49, said Defending Kirkconnell, 24 When Lindsay, 35, pointed out that it was an “Old South Antebellum Party,” Harrison replied, “Isn’t it looking good in 2018 or is it not looking good in 2021?”

Following the interview, Harrison released an apology admitting “speaking in a way that perpetuates racism,” and soon announced that he would be stepping down from the show

Lindsay said Harrison made the right decision to leave the franchise, but Lathan says the backlash caused her to get off social media

“Rachel is not responsible for Chris Harrison, a 49-year-old man who cannot read the room in these 2021 times. She is not responsible,” he said, “It is not your job to apologize or protect anyone who doesn’t understand what triggers the naturist people in today’s world It’s not you following the wrong person ”

Kirkconnell, who is currently on Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor,” has also apologized for her past behavior and asked fans not to defend her this week

“If you are in my comments or defend me somewhere and tell people that I haven’t done anything wrong, that there is nothing to be hurt about, that there is nothing to be angry or offended about, please stop, “she said, adding,” This is not our place to tell people what they can and can’t be offended about. That’s wrong, and that’s part of the problem, so please stop saying that I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s not true ”

James, 29, also broke his silence last week, saying it was “devastating and heartbreaking” to learn about these situations

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World News – CA – Rachel Lindsay deletes Instagram due to harassment by Bachelor Nation