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Toronto, who have emerged victorious in four of their last five games, is hoping to keep momentum going for another night on the road, this time against a struggling squad in Boston

It was only a matter of time before things swung in Toronto’s direction after the start of the 2-8 season, the Raptors have won 10 of their last 15 games, and have also won four of the last five, including an impressive win over the three-headed Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden’s monsters in Brooklyn are now 4-1 on this road trip, and more importantly, their best players have found their groove

Pascal Siakam has struggled out of three all season but drained eight of his last twelve Chris Boucher, who had experienced a mini-break, has booked three double-doubles in a row Fred VanVleet started the Orlando road trip with a franchise record out of 54 points in a win Norman Powell has been a sign of consistency since being on the grid. Almost everything has gone right with the Raptors lately

Last 6 games for Pascal Siakam: 247 points 50% off the field 43% of 386% off the line Toronto is 5-1 in these games

The Eastern Conference was hectic all season The eleventh Miami Heat was just three games behind third-placed Brooklyn Nets.Although the Raptors were out of the playoff picture for most of the early season, they have only one game left against the Boston Celtics after beating the Wizards last night : Toronto, winner of just two games in a row, is currently facing the conference’s second-longest winning streak

These early season matchups against rivals from the east could weigh a lot more than normal considering how many teams there are in relation to each other a win against the Celtics who have had problems lately and in the last 10 only 4-6 could even help the season run in an important early season seeding fight

After 10 games, few thought Toronto would push home in the first round but here we are. Today’s game against the Celtics could be very important in the long run

Toronto – OG Anunoby (calf – day after day), Yuta Watanabe (ankle – day after day), Patrick McCaw (knee – OUT)

Toronto’s recent success has been based on the team’s ability to play more complete games problems started the season with the bench (alongside Boucher) almost unplayable for more than four minutes since the road trip began – and even when OG Anunoby is eliminated from the line-up due to a calf injury – a new player has emerged as an option

DeAndre ‘Bembry’s game left a calm impression for the Raptors all over the pitch. On the one hand, he defends the likes of Trae Young, Bradley Beal and Ja Morant and rips the ball out of Jonas Valanciunas’ hands, and on the other, he makes timely Cuts, excellent passes (including a great pocket pass that resulted in a Boucher Dunk last night) and the occasional three hits Bembry wasn’t among Toronto’s consistent benchers this season but he made a name for himself with his game on this road trip / p>
It wasn’t a good start to the season for Kemba Walker as the 2020 All-Star struggled after missing the team’s first eleven games due to an off-season knee dislocation.His numbers have plummeted across the board and he’s out just under 31 percent the distance’s recent bouts in Boston coincided with his return, having won just three of the ten games he appeared in

How is the former UConn going? Walker was the leading free agent in Boston a year ago. Should he just shoot his way through? In his last two games, he’s shot a combined 6-on-32 off the ground with Jaylen Brown’s appearance this season could make it harder for Walker to take back the offensive load put on Brown due to his early season absence, but Brad Stevens and the Celtics have to make it if they want to maximize their title hopes this season

The news that Kyle Lowry put his Toronto home up for sale surfaced this week and should come as no surprise that the Lowry era, the most successful in Raptors history, is coming to an end with he’s a free at the end of the season Agent, and with VanVleet banned for the next four seasons, it’s unlikely he will be in Toronto long-term, that is, who is next up for runner-up? The goals of the free agents could include Lonzo Ball, whose high-profile defense and style of play make him an excellent addition alongside Fred VanVleet or Victor Oladipo, whose two-way talent would go well with OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam, albeit a steeper one Price

The natural response should be internal though, and that’s Norman Powell who took his consistency around a corner from the 2019-20 season Powell has scored 20 in eight of the last nine competitions – all starts – and averaged just under 16 Points Per Game Made In Season We haven’t seen what happens when Anunoby returns from an injury (is Powell returning to the bench? Does Anunoby start at 5?) But right now Powell is playing his best basketball this season His contract is in the books for the next season, so we should get a better picture until then

Raptors Game

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