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Mr Bean may be one of his most famous characters, but the Atkinson has shown why it’s difficult to play him in a live-action setting

The actor, writer, and comedian is known around the world for playing the unfortunate character, but admits that he finds it stressful and “uncomfortable”

Atkinson announced that he was “at the foot” of developing an animated Mr. Bean movie, telling the Radio Times, “It’s easier for me to get the character vocal than visual”

The English Johnny star added, “I don’t like playing it very much The weight of responsibility is not comfortable I find it stressful and exhausting and I look forward to the end”

In the series, which ran from 1983 to 1989, Atkinson starred as Edmund Blackadder alongside Tony Robinson as Baldric and Tim McInnerny, who played Lord Percy Percy, followed by Hugh Laurie in the same role

In an interview with Radio Times, when asked if the show could ever return, the Mr. Bean Star said it was “certainly not impossible”

“That’s about as optimistic as I can be,” he added, “and I’d rather not speculate on when it might be discontinued. But Blackadder was the creative energy we all had in the 80s. It would be not easy to repeat 30 years later “

While Blackadder took place in historical eras, Atkinson also compared the culture of annulment to the Middle Ages

The problem we have online is that an algorithm decides what we want to see, which ultimately leads to a simplified, binary view of society.It’s about whether you are with us or against us and if you are against us, you deserve to be “canceled”, “he mused

“It is important that we are exposed to a wide range of opinions, but what we have now is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to be burned

“So it’s scary to anyone who is a victim of this mob, and it fills me with fear of the future”

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