Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce said Thursday that schools will remain open as they are “critical to mental health and learning”

The April break is for the week of 12 April, which was postponed from the regular schedule in mid-March

The move comes as expected that the provincial government will introduce a four-week nationwide “emergency brake” as the number of COVID-19 cases count and the number of new admissions to the intensive care unit continues to rise

Against third wave & VOCs, strong protocols have maintained 98, 7% of schools open and 74% with no cases

Students and staff on all boards in Ontario have been told to take their belongings home with them in the expectation that they may not be able to return to classroom study

The Catholic District Schools Authority of York sent an early letter to the parents on Wednesday advising them that distance learning could begin after Easter weekend

On Thursday the board apologized “for any ambiguity regarding possible school closings”

“As we study Thursday morning, we have the impression that the students will continue to study in class,” said York Catholic District Schools

During a press conference on COVID-19 modeling data in the province, Dr Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown of the COVID-19 Science Advisory Desk in Ontario said the rising infections in school “really reflect the level of infection in the community”

“I think it’s important to see if the infections in the community are increasing The schools are reinforcing this, “Brown said

“This is a very, very tough compromise We know that if schools stay open we will see more infections, but we also know that the effects of these school interruptions on children are really harsh and harmful. So it’s a challenging compromise ”

Brown said that if there is room for decision to get COVID-19 infection rates under control, “the last thing I would personally recommend is to close schools and open things first””

#NEW: Dr Brown posted on #Onted just moments ago, “Schools really reflect the level of infection in the community This is a very, very tough compromise If schools stay open we will see more infections”#Onpoli https: // tco / c7vy8IJ8XB

Government figures show that Ontario has a total of 13 so farThere were 278 school-related COVID-19 cases – Sept.936 for students and 2179 for employees (1163 people were not identified)

This is an increase from 249 more cases on the final day – 211 student cases, 36 personnel cases, and two people not identified

For the past 14 days, the province indicated that 2057 cases were reported among students, 424 cases among staff and six people were not identified – 2 total487 cases

The COVID-19 cases are currently from Jan.240 of 4828 schools in the province, which is 25 percent of the schools

Sixty-three schools in Ontario are currently closed due to positive cases, the government said

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World News – CA – “Schools remain open” and the April break continues, says Ontario Minister of Education

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