The HC panel breaks down another Oilers-dominated performance against the Senators, again led by Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, which Ottawa actually did this season had no answers for them and lost all 6 head-to-head matchups

His experience in his first season at the finish line for the Ottawa Senators reflects the past year for the entire community. There have been ups and downs Patience is required, human determination tested

We are Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill Mentally discouraged again and again, but with a touch of optimism that a corner will be turned after months of fighting an invisible enemy

Looking ahead, Murray tries to believe that he and his new team can grow into a cohesive, dependable unit of work. Fans of a team will be proud when the gates reopen and fans return to the Canadian Tire Center one day

While 26-year-old Murray served as Ottawa goalkeeper for the present and future, there was bump on that road Murray left a perennial contender in Pittsburgh to become the goalkeeper savior on a rebuilt Senatorial squad and took the torch that Craig Anderson left behind after 10 years of mostly outstanding work and Murray himself had a subpar season in 2019-20 in which he lost the starter job to Tristan Jarry so Murrray wanted to get back on his feet on a personal level

To put it mildly, Murray’s first half in Ottawa was a roller coaster ride. Overall, with 15 or more starts, he has the worst stats of any NHL goalkeeper: 7-12-1 with a 880 percent save and 384 goals against Martin Jose of San Jose has similar numbers, but with fewer starts than Murray: 7-6-1 879 and 384

Acquired for striker Jonathan Gruden and a second round selection in the 2020 draft (to select Finnish goalkeeper Joel Blomqvist) in October, Murray quickly signed a four-year deal that grossed him $ 625 million a season on On the current Senatorial payroll, only Defense attorney Thomas Chabot earns $ 8 million a year more than Murray

Compliance with the treaty was an obvious challenge.Besides, Murray should be a pillar of strength behind a young, unknown group, Ottawa’s defense was in the works and was constantly looking for a consistent set of pairings The general inexperience on the squad was certain to make Murray vulnerable

Wednesday’s 7-1 Edmonton debacle, arguably the Senators’ worst game this season, Game 4 of a five-game Western Road Swing, highlighted the problems for both Murray and his friends Murray admitted The first 13 shots scored four goals but two came out of the race, including a two-on-Murray hit. The other outlier featured a Leon Draisaitl-Deke of defender Mike Reilly walking around him as if he were a red pylon , with enough time to fake Murray and get a shot at him

Draisaitl and Connor McDavid enjoy the coverage or absence of the Senatorial Zone – 28 combined points in six games against Ottawa Draisaitl has 15 points, McDavid 13

Ottawa seemed barely touching the puck at times, and the game ended with the Oilers handing the puck around like a string at the end of the Senators.It looked like a minor league team against Wayne Gretzky’s Oilers

“This can’t go on,” said Deputy Senator Captain Brady Tkachuk after the escape. “It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. Everyone hates losing, but being so blown out is annoying

Head coach DJ Smith accepted a large part of the blame for his team not being ready, and even questioned his decision to have them do an early morning skate on game day when the game started there were too many freelancers, he said

“Structure protects the team, especially a young team that plays against some of the best players in the world,” said Smith. “Of all their chances, we went through it today that had nine legitimate chances and eight from Draisaitl-McDavid -Line If you don’t play them with structure and give them weird rushes and chances like that, they’ll make you pay “

There was a lot of guilt, but Murray shares it. Sometimes he seems to be fighting the puck and a couple of Edmonton shots ran through him, including Draisaitl’s third of the night

And yet, on the nights when Murray does what is asked of him – save early while the senators find their legs, especially on the street; Don’t give up on a bad goal, especially in the first phase – those nights went well. He says he also feeds on the disciplined game in front of him when it comes

“It’s part of your job as a goalkeeper and I can certainly do better,” said Murray on Thursday about holding the fortress early. “But it’s both – when we play well, we play with structure, simplify and make the game difficult for the other team”

“We don’t just give them space to make plays and do what they want, just plain hockey that’s what wins these days if you get it right, if we can get back to it we’ll get better”

What is most noticeable about Murray’s performance in 22 games, 20 of which are starting, is the polarity of his excursions The Good Murray vs The Off Murray All goalkeepers generally have better numbers in their wins than their losses, but see you Look at Murray’s stats on games his team won versus those they lost:

The numbers jump out even more on individual outings. For now, forget about his early starts when the team really struggled. Look at his last six appearances. These are his wins:

7 March at Flames: OTT 4, CAL 3 (SO); Shots / Parades – 34/31; Save% 912 March 1 vs. Flames: OTT 5, CAL 1; Shots / Saves – 28/27; Save% 964Feb 25 vs. Flames: OTT 6, CAL 1; Shots / Saves – 30/29; Save% 967

10 March at Oilers: EDM 7, OTT 1; Shots / Parades – 36/29; Save% 806March 4 vs. Flames: CAL 7, OTT 3; Shots / Parades – 11/7 (after 1 Period drawn); Save% 636Feb 27 vs. Flames: CAL 6, OTT 3; Shots / Saves – 33/27; Save% 818

At some point, the huge gap between wins and losses will have to shrink to a competitive middle ground. Close games that Senators will learn over time to close

Smith can turn to Joey Daccord to secure Friday’s road trip final in Edmonton Daccord played well in Monday’s 3-2 loss to the Oilers, stopping 34 of 37 Edmonton shots Daccord is 0-2 -0 with a 271 goals against and save 913 percent

After all, Senators have to rehabilitate Murray you’ve invested in him for the long term. While wins and losses don’t mean much to a team in last place, 12 points from a playoff spot, they have to start the season with an encouraging one End note

That means finding ways to help Murray find his game.Whether that means playing yourself out or taking a short break to work on his game in practice lessons, the Murray Project is for the senators a key issue

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