The WandaVision finale has come and gone, answering most questions and dispelling most fan theories. But one thing still bothers me about last season, and I wanted to now that the show was over was to talk about it

There has been a lot of talk in WandaVision about potentially earth-shaking cameos, but in the end there really was only one, and it came pretty early on in the series That Would “Play” The Arrival of Evan Peters ???? Wanda’s dead brother Pietro

Well, the fan base immediately freaked out when Peters showed up playing Quicksilver in the FOX X-Men universe, and the idea was that Wanda might have torn a hole in the multiverse and was about to merge mutants into that MCU, a reversal of the famous “No More Mutants” moment from the house of M

Petersâ ???? It turned out that Pietro was just a puppet controlled by Agatha that gave him speed powers and made him mess with Wanda and be a henchman to keep Monica under control (which worked for about thirty seconds )

The final showed that this Pietro none was Ralph Bohner, just another local citizen who actually lived in Agatha’s house

So what was the matter with this whole thing? I’ve heard some describe this as a “cheap trick” and I’m not sure if I disagree at all

It is clear that Peters casting was something that should break the fourth wall for fans Evan Petersâ ???? Face meant nothing to any of the WandaVision cast members, and he appeared as “fake Pietro” was just something that mattered to the X-Men audience

And yet, the showrunner should have known that people would assume that what appears to be the FOX version of Quicksilver is showing up in WandaVision right when the MCU is about to start customizing its own version of X- Men would lead to very obvious questions about the multiverse and the possible arrival of mutants and the merging of the universe in the years to come, and then again, that same fan base would be disappointed if it ended up going nowhere

It felt like a joke that dragged on for too long and then became less and less funny when you realized that no, it didn’t really mean anything and it was just there to compete with the audience the show should have cut the idea? I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say that, because I still enjoyed the work Peters did, regardless of whether it was about the “stupid, overpowering uncle” but I understand why it ultimately turned out to be pointless and confusing

In the end, I’d be surprised if the FOX X-Men universe ever really merged with the MCU, and I think it’s pretty clear that the MCU will cast an entirely new list of X-Men when the time has come and that probably won’t be for years considering what’s already planned in phase 4, with phase 5 being the arrival of the X-Men

Peters looked like a joke about what was to come, but he wasn’t I’ll never say never in relation to FOX X-Men cameos because I mean we have an MCU Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield so who knows But in this case that cameo on the fourth wall was a little strange and I didn’t love it

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