After TikTok user Kyle Royce claimed to be “super straight” – and apparently started a movement of like-minded people – other users, including @procrasclass, pointed out that the made up “sexuality” was nothing as transphobia is

“Yo guys, I’ve actually created a new sexuality now,” Kyle told viewers on a now-deleted TikTok reposted by a Twitter account @OGSuperstraight, “It’s called ‘Super Straight,” OK? Since I’m being called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman ”

Kyle then passed on a conversation he would have with those who would describe him as transphobic: “You know, they say,” Would you date a trans woman? “” No why? That’s a woman “Uh, no, that’s not a real woman to me”I want a real woman” “No, you’re just transphobic’ ”

He continued, “So now I’m super straight I only date the opposite sex – women – who are born women So you can’t say that I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality, you know?”

In his TikTok bio, Kyle says he’s banned from the platform and directs followers to his Instagram account and one of his GoFundMe campaigns

At the time of this writing, Kyle’s GoFundMe campaign is only $ 90 out of his $ 100Raised $ 000 goal – maybe because Kyle is trying to reach a goal of 100Reached $ 000 for a Rent, Food, & Monthly Bills campaign

In a response to videos like Kyle’s, TikTok user @procrasclass pointed out that the definition of “super straight” implies that “men who date trans women are less straight” and that “trans women are men and therefore no women, what does not only mean transphobic, but also scientifically imprecise ”

“It’s not a preference,” @procrasclass says in the clip, “When a white woman says she goes out with white men, it means she goes out with white men more often, but black men are not off the table versus:” I’m not going to date you because you are black, “which means that she thinks there is something inherently wrong with black people, even if she doesn’t consciously believe it. The same goes for what you say”

The TikTok user continued, “I also think it’s very funny that you think you’re super straight. You like women but you shut out a whole bunch of women. When a plumber just works on shower drains and refuses to working on sinks, let’s not call him ‘super plumber’ ‘If anything, you are half-straight or straight-on’ huh maybe I should check my prejudices’

The so-called “Super Straight Revolution” is also spreading like a lead balloon on Twitter. On this platform, one user wrote: “Think of all the people who are #superstraight: Remember: you are transphobic, you are desperate for attention , You are not part of the LGBTQ community, you are mocking the LGBTQ community you are not suppressed just join in and say that you are transphobic ”

Another person urged Twitter users to retweet pictures of the transgender and non-binary flags in an attempt to “scare an open transphobe”

And a third user suggested a flag for the identity “Super Straight”: an image with the ribbons “Danger”, “Caution” and “Do Not Cross”

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Super Straight

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