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BOCA CHICA, Tx – SpaceX’s newest Starship prototype, SN11, rose Tuesday morning (Jan. March) with a delay of 24 hours via Texas into the sky

That was not the first delay for the test on Friday (25 March), SpaceX hoped to conduct the test flight after one of the aircraft’s three Raptor engines was replaced.In the end, the test was postponed until Monday and finally took place early Tuesday morning when the Starship SN11 rocket dropped from the starbase at 8 a.m. The SpaceX test site near the village of Boca Chica in South Texas was local time (9 am EDT, 1300 GMT)

The rocket rose to an altitude of 610 kilometers before the start of the landing process. But almost six minutes into the flight, SpaceX’s broadcast cameras switched off, “Looks like we’ve got another exciting test for Starship Number 11,” said John Insprucker, launch commentator for SpaceX, during the “Starship 11 is not coming back, don’t wait for landing” broadcast

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Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said one of SN11’s Raptor engines, Engine 2, had a bug but that may not be why the rocket crashed

“It looks like Motor 2 was having trouble climbing & did not reach the operating chamber pressure during the landing, but in theory it was not needed, “wrote Musk on Twitter” Something significant happened shortly after the landing took off. Should know what it was, we can investigate the bits later today “

Like its predecessors, the SN11 did not survive its short flight and exploded during the test, although the foggy conditions in Boca Chica made it difficult to see

The flight, which was the second flight test of a Starship missile this month, was originally scheduled for Monday afternoon but was pushed back when an inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) couldn’t make it to Boca Chica in time for takeoff (The agency oversees commercial space launches and requires an on-site representative for all Starship launches)

“FAA inspector cannot reach Starbase in time for launch today,” wrote Musk in an update on Twitter, “Postponed to tomorrow at the earliest”

The agency now requires an inspector to be on-site for all Starship launches, according to the latest launch license, which was released on Jan. The license states that any test flight “can only take place if an FAA safety inspector is present at the SpaceX take-off and landing site in Boca Chica”

The change is a new policy for this test flight and is based on the fact that SpaceX already violated its launch license when launching its SN8 prototype back in December.In December, the FAA warned that in the event of an explosion, the SN8 flight profile would break the Exceeds maximum permissible public risk This test flight ended with a massive fireball However, there have been no reports of property damage outside of the SpaceX test site

As a result of that explosion, the FAA asked SpaceX to investigate the anomaly and delayed the flight of its next prototype, SN9 After a thorough review of the company’s operations and decision-making process regarding its Starship program, the FAA gave SpaceX permission to to start both SN9 and SN10

These two prototypes suffered the same fate as the SN8, however, the SN10 was the first to land intact (it exploded a few minutes after landing)

The FAA’s take-off supervision is usually done remotely However, due to SpaceX’s recent breach, the agency is taking a more hands-on approach and requiring an inspector to be on-site.This person currently lives outside of Florida and needs to travel between the two facilities

SpaceX is building its Starship program at a rapid pace and can therefore change the expected launch dates and times at short notice.The launch facilities are also located in the middle of the Boca Chica village and require SpaceX to issue road closures and evacuate residents, all of which take time takes to organize

According to sources familiar with the incident, the inspector was in Texas prior to the scheduled launch but headed back to Florida as the agency believed the test would be pushed back, usually the FAA is waiting for a static fire test to complete before sending an inspector to Texas However, it is currently investigating whether an inspector is in charge of the spacecraft in Texas.The agency is also urging SpaceX to provide adequate notification so that an inspector can be on site

The weather in Boca Chica is very dynamic and changes almost every hour, which can be seen from the fact that the area was covered in thick fog early Tuesday morning.This fog did not clear before the test and shrouded the spaceship when it was rose in the sky

SpaceX has several other Starship prototypes in various stages of construction at its location here in Boca Chica On another failed attempt to land, the next prototype and SpaceX seem to have some work to do before orbital flights can take place later this year

Eventually, the vehicle will be used to transport people to the moon and Mars, and will be stacked on a Super Heavy Booster. The first prototype of this first stage is currently in a high bay. The massive vehicle will be used in the near future test the structure of the design

SpaceX has big plans for its spaceship and super heavy combo, as the company has already booked a flight for Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and eight other people to fly around the moon in a spaceship for this mission called “DearMoon “Scheduled to launch in 2023 SpaceX’s spaceship is also one of three designs that could bring NASA astronauts to the moon as part of the agency’s Artemis lunar program

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include new details regarding the Elon Musk Starship SN11 crash

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