Satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies shows the Ever Given, the container ship that has got stuck in the Suez Canal and is moving away from the east bank of the Canal

Earlier today, a spokesman for the Suez Canal Authority told CNN that the ship blocking the Suez Canal had been completely removed

The chartered Ever Given ship will be repositioned on Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal to check its seaworthiness, said charter company Evergreen

The container ship is currently moving to allow normal resumption of traffic in the Suez Canal, the statement said

The ship was brought afloat again at 9 a.m. ET – 3 p.m. Egypt Standard Time – according to Evergreen

“Evergreen will coordinate with the shipowner to resolve subsequent matters after the shipowner and other interested parties fill out investigative reports on the incident,” the statement added

The salvage company that helped in the effort to free a ship blocking the Suez Canal said in a statement: “We did it!”

Videos show the ship floating in the Suez Canal after the bow was freed after intense tearing efforts on Monday morning

The ship is currently being pulled towards Great Bitter Lake, where it will be parked for inspection and investigation, Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabie said, according to the state-run Al Ahram newspaper

Maritime traffic showed the ship was moving at a speed of 1.5 knots north towards Great Bitter Lake

The ship blocking the Suez Canal was completely removed on Monday afternoon, a spokesman for the Suez Canal Authority told CNN

Tugs were working to free the bow of the ship after loosening the stern on Monday morning

For the first time in seven days, the maritime transport websites showed pictures of the ship off the banks of the Suez Canal

Authorities have temporarily suspended efforts to free the front of the container ship Ever Given as the window for the flood has faded on Monday afternoon, Egyptian local media said

A live recording in state media showed tugs pulling the ship to free the front or the bow, which the CEO of a salvage company working on the liberation of the ship described is still “rock hard” Peter Berdowski

Efforts to pull the ship out will resume later in the day, a reporter said on a local media newscast

Despite the delay in fully relocating the ship, the Egyptian President issued a statement on Monday saying, “The Egyptians have successfully managed to end the stranded ship crisis”

“[Egyptians] were able to get things going again,” he said in a presidential statement on Facebook

Dozens of ships trying to cross the Suez Canal are instead diverting to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, adding 8 days to the sailing time and consuming about 500 tons of fuel, according to Lloyd’s List Intelligence

However, more than 350 ships carrying billions of dollars’ worth of cargo are still waiting to transit through the Canal

It could take days for the lagging ships to successfully pass through, but the Suez Canal Authority chief said in an interview with Sky News Arabia that “they will work 24 hours a day” to allow the ships to pass

According to Lloyds List, the maximum daily transits through the Suez Canal in the last three months averaged 80 to 90 ships

Shipping Giant Maersk has issued a recommendation advising customers that it may take “6 days or more” for the queue caused by the Suez Canal blockade to pass The company said this is an estimate and is subject to change, if more ships reach the blockade or are diverted

Maersk has currently 3 ships stuck in the canal, 30 are waiting for their entry and has diverted 15 to the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa

Maersk believes the long-term effects of the blockade may take months to resolve “Even if the canal reopens, the impact on global capacity and equipment will be significant, and the blockage already has a number of others Disruptions and backlogs have been triggered in global shipping, the resolution of which can take weeks, possibly months ”

The container ship Ever Given has been partially postponed after almost a week of blockage of the Suez Canal, authorities say, but efforts to get it fully afloat are likely to continue for some time

There were promising signs early Monday when the stern of the ship was cleared of one of the banks of the canal, but the head of the Dutch company working on the operation says his bow is still stuck “

Egyptian officials were more optimistic, saying the crews plan to get the ship back afloat later Monday, but the shipping crisis that hit the headlines for a week and caught the world’s attention seems to be continuing. p>

About the ship: The Ever Given, a 224A 000-ton ship, almost as long as the Empire State Building is tall, ran on Jan. March in the Egyptian Channel due to crews from Egypt and around the world have continuously tried to get the ship afloat again 10 tugs, sand dredgers and salvage companies were used

Previous efforts have failed – but this last attempt will be made at high tide, when the water in the canal is highest

The massive salvage effort focused on dredging sand under the front and rear of the ship before tugging the ship

Rescue teams began digging deeper and closer to the ship on Sunday, with dredging reaching 18 meters in front of the ship, the SCA said in a statement that there have been over 27000 cubic feet of sand removed, said Rabie

The rescue operation has increased in urgency and international attention with each passing day. Ships from around the world carrying vital fuel and cargo have been prevented from entering the canal on either side, raising alarms about the impact on global supply chains

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