According to York University, an interaction was recently sought between one of their instructors and a Myanmar-based student over an impending nationwide communication about an exam postponement.Blackout did not reflect his values ​​- after the instructor replied to the student: “Even the internet went down with COVID-19?”

Screenshots of an email exchange between the student and an instructor from the school’s Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics were posted online on Thursday

In them, the student explains that all cellular and internet services will be cut “indefinitely” during the military coup in Myanmar

“May I have a respite,” asks the student, alternatively asking if the weight of the test could be applied to the final exam instead

The instructor replies that there is no postponement and that the weight of the exam will be carried over to the final

The student again replies: “The internet did not come down with [COVID-19] There was a military coup I am living in and almost 200 protesters have been shot so far. The regime has decided to cut all communications by tomorrow “

The student then writes to the instructor again to confirm if they should be concerned about missing the test

“By the way, your remarks (both in relation to this course and in relation to your home country) have asked me how you understand reality,” he continues. “People are not only shot in protest, but for a lot deeper reasons “

In a statement Thursday evening, York University spokeswoman Barbara Joy described the interaction as “a serious matter in student accommodation” and said it did not reflect the values ​​of the school

The instruction does not describe the specific interaction nor the name of the instructor involved. When asked by CBC News whether the screenshots circulated on Thursday prompted the school’s testimony, Joy confirmed it did

“We would like to assure all concerned that faculty officers were able to contact the student directly last night, clearly showing their support for their difficult circumstances and well-being, and also assuring them of the necessary arrangements would have been granted, “reads the statement

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