Here’s why people in Ontario are talking about Doug Ford and coyotes right now

Anyone who’s seen one of Doug Ford’s regular pandemic press conferences is familiar with the Ontario Prime Minister’s propensity for weird papa sayings and accidental one-liners, and the Friday morning briefing was no different – though it may have been more entertaining recently was than others

When Ford went to his lectern to update residents on the much-criticized introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in the province by an Etobicoke Shoppers Drug Mart around 9:30 a.m., he digressed from asking reporters, to talk about his little heart and share a personal encounter he had only had hours before

“Sometimes I tell personal stories and today will be a personal story, not about COVID,” began Ford

“I got out of the house this morning and there is a big coyote in front of the house but he was injured – badly injured in the back right leg so he limps with I thought ‘boy this thing won’t make it’ “

Ford has apparently been unable to get the wayward coyote out of his mind, even amid an official statement on the progress of the coronavirus vaccination program across the province He then took a moment to call on the media and the public to help track down and rescue the animal he revealed to have called Cody the Coyote

“I won’t have a dead coyote on my watch,” he continued. “If you see him we can get pet services and try to help and fix this coyote. Sorry for the little animal story, but I have a big heart for animals I can’t let this coyote go out and hunt “

I wish my life was a third as exciting as his How can he get all this excitement under control ?!

While extremely cute, the site was admittedly pretty random and received a fair amount of attention on social media

“How did these COVID-19 provincial updates transform into Doug Ford telling a story about an injured coyote in his backyard ??” one citizen asked aptly on Twitter

“How did he not know this would immediately invite, ‘What about the dead PEOPLE on your watch ?!’ What a fool, “added another

Others wonder if some of Ford’s funnier phrases were actually inspired by a particular comic book coyote: “I’d like to give a big salute to Wile E Coyote, I would never have thought that anyone would blow up fireworks without him” suggested a person

But this is also Premier Doug who is responsible for the lives of 14 million Ontario residents, but you may not see ALL of them or know they exist as a concept, but Doug can only relate to those he knows (Developers, business people, etc.) 2 /

While it was a harmless, petty little anecdote that Ford decided to tell off the shelf, it’s fair to say the response has been a little more than serious, and understandably, as we continue our way through a global pandemic fight that many would argue that the provincial government did not handle it very well

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Here’s why people in Ontario are talking about Doug Ford and coyotes right now

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World News – CA – This is why the people of Ontario are talking about Doug Ford and coyotes right now