IMPORTANT ZOOM TIP: If a child has used your computer, before joining a virtual hearing, check the zoom video options to make sure the filters are turned on from This kitten just got a formal announcement to a case in 394th done (sound on) #lawtwitter #OhNo @zoom_ushttps: // tco / I0zaj0wu6K

These funny moments are a by-product of the legal profession’s dedication to making sure the judicial system continues to work through these troubled times. Everyone involved handled it with dignity and the filtered lawyer showed incredible grace and true professionalism!

Media allows you to use the video. It was taken during a virtual hearing in 394 DC recorded by TX and published for educational purposes, it is vitally important that this is not used to ridicule the lawyers, but rather to illustrate the legal community’s commitment to the cause of justice

Rod Ponton

World News – CA – The attorney in Texas accidentally leaves the cat filter on during the Zoom call: “I’m here, I’m not a cat!”