Fujifilm recently registered a brand new camera model due to be released in early 2021, rumor has it that this new camera model could be either the Fujifilm GFX 100S or the Fujifilm X-E4

The X-E4 could possibly be one of the best compact cameras out there, and the GFX 100S is said to be a compact version of the current Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format camera

Originally reported on the Fuji Rumors website, we do not currently know which camera to release, but registration confirms that the release date is Jan. January 2021 will be

The upcoming camera has passed FCC certification for WiFi and Bluetooth communications Interestingly, Fujifilm is still using the older 24GHz WiFi for this particular model, which could indicate that the upcoming camera will be the Fujifilm X-E4, since the sensor may have a much lower resolution

The sensor in this camera is set to the same 26MP value as in the X-T4, which means the file sizes are much smaller than the GFX series of cameras, which is why a 2A is a 4GHz WiFi connection can be sufficient

The Fujifilm GFX 100S is another highly anticipated camera Rumor has it that it will also be released next year, this camera may well be a much smaller version of the current flagship medium format camera, the GFX 100

As big as the GFX 100 camera is, its size and weight can affect how handy it can be in certain scenarios, which is why a smaller version would be quite useful, especially since it is also rumored to have image stabilization in the body is required

With all of this new gear on the horizon, it looks like there’s a lot for Fujifilm fans to explore in the New Year

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World News – CA – The Fujifilm GFX 100S or Fujifilm X-E4 camera is expected to arrive in January

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