According to Friedman’s report, the NHL begins with four teams as part of a first two-day, two-day “outdoor weekend showcase at Lake Tahoe”. In particular, the events are taking place at Edgewood Tahoe Resort, where the popular celebrity golf tournament is taking place and will be around the 16, 17 and 18 Hole of the course fought

Fans will not be present as the number of participants is approx 400 is limited This is almost taken over by the tour groups and staff of the teams needed to run the events The lack of fans will give the TV coverage some unique opportunities to broadcast the games like possibly more drone cameras

More news will follow, but the games featured are the Colorado Avalanche versus the Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday, Nov. February, and the Philadelphia Flyers against the Boston Bruins on Sunday the 21st February These games were the only ones scheduled for the scheduled weekend, suggesting that this event was part of the NHL schedule all along

Four teams – Boston, Colorado, Philadelphia and Vegas – will travel to Lake Tahoe in February: https: // tco / GDFc633pVD

NHL fans awakened to a new year and some new plans for the NHL to continue its outdoor gaming tradition. Elliotte Freidman of Sporstnet was one of [To read the full article, click here: BREAKING: NHL to follow in the February playing two outdoor games in Lake Tahoe]

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