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Star Wars is one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, and given its decades in theaters, the characters and iconography of George Lucas moviegoers who grew up far, far away in the galaxy mean a lot to the generations of fans who have been sad to hear that the original Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch died at the age of 75, and now the young Boba actor from the prequels has penned a sweet homage to the late actor

George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels provided background information on many of his iconic characters, including Darth Vader and (you guessed it) Boba Fett Attack of the Clones introduced a young version of Boba played by actor Daniel Logan, who witnessed his father Jango die by Mace Windu. When Logan found out about Jeremy Bulloch’s death, he posted a tribute and photo of his predecessor Check it out below

I’m sad to hear that Jeremy Bulloch, a Star Wars family member, has passed away I will never forget everything you taught me and all the good times we had together will be remembered forever Cons won’t be the same without you Power will always be with you RIP my mando brother! ImageTwittercom / IacykI6N9B

How cute is that? Because while Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch never shared the screen on the big screen, over the years they seem to have bonded as members of the Star Wars family, and these two versions of Boba Fett were the first to hit the big screen before the character was further expanded in Dinsey’s The Mandalorian

The above image is from actor Daniel Logan’s personal Twitter Logan is best known for playing Boba Fett in live action in Attack of the Clones, while also voicing the legendary bounty hunter for a variety of animated projects during his While in the galaxy far, far away, he was able to enjoy spending time with Jeremy Bulloch, which led to this sweet homage

In his post, Daniel Logan specifically mentions spending time with Jeremy Bulloch at conventions, given that getting an iconic role in a popular franchise like Star Wars can lead to a ton of opportunities at places like Comic-Con and smaller events in view of the fact that they never shared the screen, it makes sense that convention could have been the origin of the friendship between the two actors

Both Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch’s time in the Star Wars franchise are currently streaming on Disney You can use this link to register for the streaming service

Of course, Daniel Logan isn’t the only one to pay tribute to Jeremy Bulloch since his death was only announced yesterday.Many Star Wars actors have also written down our respect for the late actor, including Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and the Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo Given the iconography of Boba Fett, there are countless people who have seen Bulloch’s work over the years

Jeremy Bulloch dominated social media after it was revealed he died on the side of 75. Boba Fett is one of the most iconic Star Wars roles of all time, despite his very limited time on screen but maybe it’s because of this one Riddles (plus his fantastic armor) that made him so popular after his debut in Empire Strikes Back, and the character’s story continues to expand to this day

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