To all the guys I loved before they premiered on Netflix in 2018 and quickly became a hit with rom-com fans and fans of teen comedies The Sweet Story of Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor ) and Peter Kavinsky’s (Noah Centineo) romance woke up the YA fan in all of us Netflix, who knows a hit when he sees one, began with the next two films in the series To All The Boys: PS I still love you and for all boys: always and forever

To all boys: PS I Love You Still Premiere in 2020 and To All The Boys: Always and Forever premiered on December 12th February 2021 Always and Forever is set to be the final To All The Boys film for Netflix Viewers can see how it all ends for Lara Jean and Peter Let’s take a look at some key things from the first two films before Always and Forever premieres / p>

Warning to all The Boys spoilers about the first two films and some minor book spoilers

Lara Jean has a habit of writing a love letter every time she falls in love.In her sixteen years on earth, she wrote love letters to five men, including Peter – her first kiss was the most important letter (at the time) but to Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard), one of her best friends and the friend of her older sister Margot (Janel Parrish)

Lara Jean fell in love with Josh before starting out with Margot.Her love for him grew over the years, but when Josh started dating Margot he became romantically off-limits to Lara Jean’s younger sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart ) decides to send all the letters in hopes of making Lara Jean a friend, but this causes some big problems between Josh and Lara Jean Now that he knows how she feels for him, things are a little uncomfortable between them

Peter is the reason Lara Jean first discovers that all of her letters have been sent. He confronts her with them, and then Josh shows up with his letter Lara Jean kisses Peter so Josh can leave before they can discuss the letter Kiss triggers an idea in Peter’s head He wants to make his ex-girlfriend Gen (Emilija Baranac) jealous and Lara Jean has to keep Josh away from her, so Peter suggests that they fake a romance

This new fake romance has a number of rules including no kissing, a future ski trip, and love letters from Peter

Despite his split, Gen still holds a special place in Peter’s heart. She was his first everything except maybe kiss.This is a constant problem for Lara Jean and Peter In To All The Boys’ relationship, whom I loved before Peter starts his fake romance with Lara Jean with the intent that she will help him get Gen back. Therefore, Lara Jean is confused about Peter’s feelings for her In the second film, Peter is still friends with Gen even though Lara Jean is his girlfriend

He also doesn’t tell Lara Jean everything that’s going on with Gen and him. This leads to distrust, insecurity and misunderstandings in the relationship between Peter and Lara Jean. To all boys: PS I Still Love You They seemed to provide a solution to the drama of Gen, Peter, and Lara Jean Lara Jean admitted that she was the one obsessed with Peter’s past with Gen, not him

Gen and Lara Jean also seemed to have a moment of understanding and forgiveness towards the end of the film, which may mean the drama of Gen, Lara Jean and Peter in To All the Boys: Always and Forever is off the topic / p>

Another problem in Lara Jean and Peter’s romance was the other letter recipient, John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) In To All Boys: PS I still love you, John Ambrose and Lara Jean volunteer in the same retirement home, Belleview.When Lara Jean is together, she starts to remember why she liked John Ambrose so much when they were younger and wonders if maybe he’s the boy for her

However, they kiss at the end of PS I still love you and Lara Jean runs back to Peter. There is a slight book spoiler John Ambrose is barely in Jenny Han’s third book in the To All the Boys franchise.He makes a brief appearance, but nothing special except that Team John fans are hoping he and Lara will go to college together for the next four years So it’s unlikely that John Ambrose will star in the third film.He can only appear if Lara Jean is still volunteering at Belleview in the book, he didn’t volunteer there, and he was Stormy’s grandson (Holland Taylor) and that was his Connection to Belleview

We’ll have to wait and see if To All the Boys: Always and Forever gives John Ambrose a cameo, keeps him away from Always and Forever, or enlarges his role in the last film The second and third films were shot together, so it exists the possibility that director Michael Fimognari Jordan Fisher already had on the set

Lara Jean’s father (John Corbett) had a crush on new neighbor Trina Rothschild (Sarayu Blue) a short point in To All the Boys: PS I still love you, but it became a main part in the third book of To All the Boys Your relationship got much more serious and Margot wasn’t happy about it From the trailer of To All the Boys 3 there is a small spoiler that shows that he has an important story about Trina and Dr Covey from the Always and Forever book This means their relationship should play a bigger role in the new movie

Peter discussed in the first To All the Boys film that his father decided to leave the family a few years ago.He now has a new family that he treats better. Peter’s father and parents’ divorce ended in P. Just briefly mentionedS I still love you, but another minor book spoiler, the absence of Peter’s father, is a key part of To All the Boys’ third book It was supposed to play an important role in To All The Boys: Always and Forever / p>

The timeline between the first two films suggests it was anywhere from a few weeks to a few months To All the Boys: Always and Forever, however, takes place in the final year of Lara Jean and Peter’s first film begins at the beginning of the junior year which means that Lara Jean and Peter are together for about a year or more in the third film. Their relationship is very established. To all boys: PS I still love you In the end, Lara Jean said that this was just the beginning of her story with Peter and that they were very happy and in love

To all boys, Always and Forever is a lot about what life after high school looks like for Peter and Lara Jean as a couple and as individuals

To All the Guys I’ve Loved Before is one of the most popular teen romantic films to be released in the last decade, so many will be sad to say goodbye to this goodbye on November 12th February (for the time being) from Lara Jean and Peter Stream to all the boys: Always and forever on Netflix here

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To all the boys I loved before

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