Unfortunately, to Kyle Scott’s dismay, VILLANOVA STAR Kyle Lowry won’t be a Philadelphia 76er According to Sportsnet’s Michael Grange, he will stay with the Toronto / Tampa Raptors

There’s a lot to do, so let’s start here: Lowry won’t be going until the close of trading on Jan. It’s not that the Raptors and Lowry haven’t pondered the pros and cons of getting a amicable deal for the 15-year-old veteran who goes into free hands, or that there’s no interest in the six-time space Star there, which comes with a shipping container full of intangibles along with an average of 18 points, 55 rebounds, and seven assists per game, plus 403 percent shooting from the depths – all marks that are near the top of his career

It means nothing Lowry closed the deal on his $ 5 million home in north Toronto a few weeks ago, yes, but remember, it’s been a low buzz since last March, and it doesn’t exist Prospect Lowry and his family will live there until next September.If Lowry has to stay somewhere in Toronto until then, he can buy it, rent it, or move into a spare wing at Drake until things are cleared up such a long empty house was loose ending that needed to be cleaned up End of story

But beyond that context, when you examine the market and assess where the Raptors are, it’s always clearer that the chances of a deal being made are slim and the notion that Lowry is pushing you, is far fetched

You never know do you? It’s just a report. The trading deadline has not yet expired and we have two weeks left before this window closes

But the Lowry-to-Philly rumors ran out of breath in the past two weeks, and there hasn’t been much on the radar The Lowry Well appears to be dry

I will bring the news to Kyle who will be disappointed The Sixers just have to make it without VILLANOVA players No Lowry, no Mikal Bridges, no Allan Ray or Scottie Reynolds No Curtis Sumpter or Ryan Arcidiacono believes Kyle if the Sixers go out and those players would pick, they would play 82-0 in the regular season and in the playoffs FO FO FO

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