Boston Bruins striker Trent Frederic has established himself as a thorn in Washington’s side in the Capitals-Bruins games this season at the start of the season, Frederic drew the wrath of Tom Wilson on himself and the both battled in the third phase of a close game, a moment that many Bruins said gave the team a spark to add to the win Wednesday was Frederic’s target Alex Ovechkin Frederic was physically with Ovechkin all night until Ovechkin finally lost control and speared him in the groin

For Frederic, it is a bit surreal for the 23-year-old to make his fight with Ovechkin a topic of conversation in the ice hockey world

“Maybe if my brother or someone calls me after the game, I’ll laugh about it being Ovechkin,” said Frederic. “I think he had his shirt in his room so it’s kind of funny. At the same time you play that Just Exercise Hard It doesn’t really matter who it is “

Now that the two teams have to compete against each other again on Friday in the rematch, Frederic says that his physical game against Ovechkin was out of respect

“I think I just played hard,” Frederic told the media on Thursday, “[Ovechkin] is a good player So if you can check it out well anytime then obviously try it I just play it hard The respect I give it is to play it hard “

At 6-foot-3,238 pounds, Ovechkin is a dominant forward force with few players in the league who can face him, but Frederic clearly got under his skin on Wednesday

Frederic hit Ovechkin in front of the spear and the two tangled up. Ovechkin was dissatisfied and Frederic took that as a cue to drop the gloves, a decision that was premature as Ovechkin would not oblige

“I think when I dropped it he went weird and when he got up he wasn’t happy about it,” said Frederic. “The reading I got was, ‘I don’t know if you wanna fight me or what? ‘ So that was the reading I had. Maybe [my gloves] came off a bit quickly, but at the same time I kind of protected myself “

Ovechkin finally had enough later in the game, sparing Frederic after Frederic gave him two cross checks. Although the game resulted in matching minors, it was an outright win for the Bruins

Each team lost a player for two minutes, but one team lost the best player in franchise history and perhaps the greatest goalscorer of all time. The other team didn’t

The spear cost Ovechkin a fine of 5Of course, he can easily afford it, but that’s not the point. The job of a physical player like Frederic, who has three points in the season and averages 11:30 ice time per game, is to top players like Ovechkin and Wilson Getting under the skin and getting them out of the game and off the ice He succeeded and the Caps should expect more of it on Friday, which is why it may fall on another player to challenge Frederic players like Garnet Hathaway or Brenden Dillon should be after him early to send a message

Players like Ovechkin and Wilson aren’t shrinking violets and can certainly stand up for themselves, but at what price? They also don’t want to see you go to the penalty area if the compromise is Frederic.It will fall on others to answer the bell if Frederic tries to stir things up again

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