A source who knew of the request said Haley contacted Trump this week to schedule a meeting with him at his Mar a Lago resort but Trump declined her request

Haley and the former president haven’t spoken since she said in an interview with politico that she was “angry” and “disgusted” about Trump’s behavior on Jan 6 during the Capitol Rising

She told Politico that Trump “let us down” and “we shouldn’t have followed him and we shouldn’t have listened to him”

She also said that she had to turn away from the President’s speech that day, fearing that bad things would happen through it

She compared the violence to Jan 6 Violence against the deadly rally of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va in 2017

When asked how he should be held accountable, she believed that he would be isolated, his business would suffer and his political viability would be lost

Nikki Haley

World News – CA – Trump rejects meeting with Nikki Haley

Source: https://www.wrdw.com/2021/02/19/trump-turns-down-meeting-with-nikki-haley/