The crews clear branches from the McKenzie Avenue exit off Highway 17 in Saanich in wind and rain on Jan 5 (Devon Bidal / News Staff)

A fallen tree at the junction of Feltham Road and Shelbourne Street is the latest of several reasons why Almost 3500 customers in Greater Victoria on Tuesday evening are without power

Saanich Fire, Police and BC Hydro crews are on site handling a power line that the tree has taken out while the area remains closed to traffic. Pedestrians are instructed to stay away from the intersection

BC Hydro, Saanich Fire and Police crews are at the intersection of Feltham Road and Shelbourne Streets, dealing with a tree that fell on the power lines south of the intersection.The area is closed to traffic #yyjtraffic @saanichnews picTwittercom / KeLotMzKfg

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for Greater Victoria as winds of 70 to 90 km / h are forecast

Shortly after 2:30 p.m.946 Saanich customers south of Kenmore Road and north of McKenzie Avenue between Graduation Way and Borden Street lost power, according to the BC Hydro outage map, the cause of the outage is still being investigated and crews are currently on site

A fallen tree in the Rockland neighborhood has been around since Dec.39 a.m.146 customers east of Cornwall Street, south of Pandora Avenue, north of Dallas Road and west of Gonzales Avenue left without power. The crews are on site

Another major outage at Ten Mile Point east of Beach Drive affects 395 customers28 o’clock no more electricity The cause is listed as “windstorm” and the crews are on site

Crews are also on site to suffer a minor downtime that affected fewer than five people in the 4000 block on Telegraph Bay Road, where a tree fell over the wires, customers there haven’t had one since 4:22 p.m. Current morem

A similarly minor outage caused by the storm in the 3400 block of Cardiff Place has left fewer than five people without power since 3:15. Crews are on the move

On the 1600 block on Sheridan Avenue, 11 people have lived since Nov.52 o’clock lost power. The cause is being investigated and crews have been assigned

After all, Hydro led the windstorm on the 4200 block of Quadra Street BC because, since Nov.45 o’clock eight customers without electricity were assigned to crews

The crews clear branches from the McKenzie Avenue exit off Highway 17 in Saanich in wind and rain on Jan. January from 5 (Devon Bidal / News Staff)

Dr According to Rayna Gunvaldsen, the operator was not instructed by the provincial government to euthanize the animals

A series of strong storms is making a wet start to many on the island in 2021

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