TikTok and Twitter users are creating a transphobic TikTok trend where people refer to themselves as “super straight,” with the trend gaining traction on various social media platforms

Video sharing app TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps Users flock to the platform for upload and few short-form video content, which is often the source of major internet trends that can find its way to TikTok and other platforms

With the app’s clever algorithm, users are constantly being recommended new things on their “For You” page. This means that a beginning trend can explode very quickly

This was the case with the “Super Straight” trend, which was originally started by TikTok user Kyle Royce, who made a now-deleted video informing viewers that he “created a new sexuality,” he explained “Now I’m super straight I only date the opposite sex, women who are born women So you can’t say I’m transphobic now because that’s just my sexuality”

The video became increasingly popular on both TikTok and other social media sites like Twitter Some supported the “new sexuality” and made a black and orange flag for it

However, when the term blew up, many TikTok users called the original video and those who called themselves “Super Straight” because they were transphobic. Many called it a “mockery of the LGBTQ community” and stated that the term only serves to “invalidate trans people”

Does that make sense ??? So much is wrong with that – just say you are transphobic and you are leaving and don’t make up terms like “superphobic” and say you’re going through more ??? also – definitely not part of the LGBTQ community # superstraight is absolute bullshit pictureTwittercom / alq7uvTDzp

Some have also suggested that the trend was purposely fueled by forum pages that pushed the “super straight” trend after the original video was released to scare off online

Countless people have expressed their discomfort at how widespread this trend has become as it creates a significant amount of hatred

It’s unclear if TikTok has anything to stop the trend from spreading, but for now, the term “super straight” is gaining traction on social media

Super Straight

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