Damn the devil Good, I loved this episode! I loved it! I’ve re-rated everything about WandaVision! I was very likely wrong on a fundamental level on this show! I admit! Are you happy now?

What’s special about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the people behind it have the knack for pushing buttons in the human brain.Like any big brand in 2021, they have come as far as they have done before by figuring out How To Overcome People’s Mental Defenses And Make Them Feel It Of course it doesn’t work for everyone, nor every MCU product.But far more often than practically any other entertainment franchise, this one can hit your pleasure receptors and turn you into a dizzying one , drooling and / or howling chaos transform

I don’t like how much power this business unit has over my emotions and those of countless millions of other people – but when it works, it really works. Sure, a large part of that success comes from the focused science of social engineering and the Attention Manipulation But it’s not just science that has made Marvel the dominant force in global entertainment – it’s magical, too

Speaking of magic, we’re opening in Salem, Massachusetts in 1693, a combination of time and place that you may remember from your high school production of The Crucible, which has long been inconvenient to fictional witches, We See How a whimpering and pleading Agatha (we can now do without all this “Agnes” nonsense) is led by a group of hooded figures to a wooden platform, but instead of being city dwellers trying to exterminate female sorceresses, their kidnappers are witches themselves, and they tie her to a stake with spectral handcuffs

One of them seems to be the leader and accuses Agatha of betraying her circle by stealing knowledge and practicing “the darkest magic”. “Agatha counters that she” has not broken your rules, they just got together my power bows “and her formerly panicked face frowns into a grin. The witches are singing and she begs them to stop, especially the main lady to whom she calls out,” Mother, please! “All fire purple magical explosions at Aggie and she screams in more obvious ways Torment, but the scream turns into a low grunt, then a groan, and then the other witches are the ones in pain and turn into parched pods They waves their arms and everyone collapses in death Mama gets up in the air and shoots a blue energy beam at Agatha Strangely enough, a kind of crown forms around Mama’s head, similar to that of Wanda’s comic incarnation. But it’s no use – Agatha overwhelms her ancestor ren and kill her too. She climbs off the platform, takes mom’s brooch and flies away. Kathryn Hahn completely nails every second of this scene, it should be said

Back to the present and into the basement of the modern Agatha residence, where she holds Señor Scratchy with uncanny gentleness like the super villain who she is Wanda tries to astonish Agatha, but she says that her “thoughts of our heroine are not.” are available “Wanda asks where her children are in a Socovian brogue and Agatha replies,” That accent really comes and goes, doesn’t it? ” Wanda tries the magic again and Agatha says it’s not good in the basement because there are “wards” in the form of runes on the upper walls that make only the witch who put them there use them may Agatha’s condescension meets Wanda’s confusion, presumably over the idea that she is a witch as opposed to an Infinity Stone-powered superhero Hmm

Wanda wants to know who Agatha is “Who are you?” The older witch replies “All those costumes and hairstyles? I was so patient, waiting for you to reveal your true self, she says she got so close to Fake Pietro – Fietro if you will – but no dice “It wasn’t literally Agatha as Fietro, he was just her eyes and ears , “a crystalline possession” because real Pietro’s body was a bullet-riddled chaos on another continent, making necromancy impossible. But Wanda was so crippled with self-doubt that she believed in the illusion I think that means it Soon there will be no more X-Men crossover It’s proof of how good this episode is, that I didn’t feel cheated by what now seems to be just stunt casting, but by a multiversal tease

Agatha says she felt this place where many spells were cast at the same time, but she couldn’t understand what happened. To demonstrate what Wanda did, Agatha grabs a beetle from a pillar and sings in Magic Latin, controls it and lets it fly on Wanda’s face. Agatha then ponders the situation that Wanda created: “Thousands of people under your thumb, all interacting with each other on complex storylines. That’s special, baby” (Wait, speak we about Wanda or Kevin Feige? You have to respect the balls of such meta-textual self-congratulations!)

Agatha then demonstrates Wanda’s “transmutation” of Westview by turning the beetle into a pigeon. Wanda, she says, has done an amazing job around town, and she runs like clockwork “magic on autopilot,” Agatha croaks ” What’s your secret, sister? ” Wanda argues that she has not done anything, but is thrown against a wall. Agatha takes a hair from Wanda’s head and lets it glow purple Then she tosses it against an ancient-looking door, which then transforms into a more normal, nondescript door. “It’s time to watch some real reruns,” Agatha says, pointing out that she must do what she tells her when she wants to see her children again

Agatha opens the door with a wave of the hand and we see a woman in a shabby apartment in the Eastern Bloc Wanda and Agatha enter, and a man too – neither he nor the woman seem to notice the magical couple “Mama father “, mumbles Wanda in amazement that’s Olek and Irina Maximoff Irina opens a suitcase that Olek brought and watches DVDs of American sitcoms over the centuries, many of which are the ones we’ve seen so far on the series Little Pietro walks in and prompts everyone To speak English (they previously spoke another Slavic language, supposedly “Sokovian”) because they do that on “TV Night” Parents ask where Wanda is “That’s your cue, lady,” says Agatha, “They are to ”

Wanda suddenly transforms into a brown-haired teenager and hugs her father.She gets to pick the TV show for that evening and goes on with the legendary walnut episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show. Meanwhile, mom looks outside and we see that it’s a war zone out there, all bullets and flames Nobody seems scared and the family discusses the word “Shenanigans” Papa defines it as “a stupid calamity that always turns out well. We watch them see the episode in montage while melancholy music goes on Suddenly an explosion and a cut in black Wanda wakes up in ruins, Pietro runs to her and they hide under a bed. Right next to them lands a bomb that is decorated with the Stark Industries logo.It flashes and beeps, but it doesn’t start

Wanda reaches for the bomb, but is pulled away and grows up again. “You used a probability hex” to keep the bomb from going off, says Agatha Wanda says it was just an idiot, but Agatha is not convinced “So much trauma!” Agatha cries mockingly “And yet you were safe the whole time as a kitten. What I see here is a little witch, obsessed with sitcoms and years of therapy in front of her” It doesn’t explain how she quit the Westview job. She conjures up a new one Door, one with the HYDRA logo “The only way forward,” says Agatha, “is back”

Wanda walks through the threshold and now sees a stone chamber with scientific equipment. “The rebellious years,” says Agatha, suggests that Wanda’s solution to the death of her parents was to join an “anti-freedom terrorist organization” Wanda replies, ‘We wanted to change the world’ and is then asked to go forward where she has transformed into nondescript sackcloth into her prehistoric age of Ultron. We see the room is populated by two scientists and… Loki’s scepter from the early ones MCU movies, complete with bright blue Infinity Stone Wanda takes a step and the stone flies towards her, glowing and spinning in the air. She touches it and it turns yellow, then it explodes into a nova. She looks up and sees one Sliding figure in silhouette, apparently in a crown like the one on Agatha’s mother, but before we can identify the person, the light stops and they disappear Scientists send her to an isolation chamber, and then we see her watch The Brady Bunch on a ceiling-mounted television in that chamber. Agatha tells Wanda that instead of giving her powers, the Infinity Stone only “amplified what was about the.” Vine would have died.She has a theory, but needs more

Another door appears. Wanda goes through and sees herself on the Avengers grounds while she watches Malcolm alone in the middle. “Pietro was dead and I was in a new country I was all alone, “she mumbles and then becomes this past self. She calls out the name of Vision and he walks through her wall in civilian clothes. She waves him to sit down and he does it. You watch the show. Vision can’t work on classic robotic fashion find out why the comic book business is funny and ask if what she sees comforts Wanda says the only thing that would comfort her would be to see Pietro again. An awkward silence “I’m so tired,” she says and says she feels like a wave keeps flooding her “it knocks me down,” she says, “and when I try to get up it just comes back for me and it’s like it just drowns me”” “It can’t all be grief, can it?” Vision says and explains that he was always alone and never experienced a loss because he never had a loved one to lose. “But what is grief,” he muses, ” if not the love of perseverance ”

Vision laughs at something that is going on on the show, they look at each other with tender awkwardness, and then Wanda is back to her present self and Agatha says, “Parents dead, brother dead, Vision dead – what happened when he wasn’t. Aren’t you there to withdraw from the darkness, Wanda? “Wanda says she wanted him back, goes through another door and is at SWORD headquarters. News on television screens informs us that the blip has just ended, which means she has just come back from disappearing – this was basically it the first thing on her agenda She tells a guy at the front desk that she wants to see the body of Vision “He at least deserves a funeral” She says, “I deserve it The guy gets a call from someone and tells her where she is going She conjures up a door and marches down the hall to room 101, the director’s office

Sure enough, inside is Tyler Hayward. He introduces himself and leads her through a door to show her through a window a room in which technicians work with the body parts of Vision “We are dismantling the most refined living weapon ever made “says Hayward” Vision is not a weapon, “counters Wanda. She says she wants to bury him, but Hayward says she can bring him back online -” Forgive me, brought back to life “Wanda says that’s not the reason Why she’s here can’t and wants to bury him Hayward says he can’t let her just dump expensive Vibranium and that “he’s not yours. She smashes the glass and flies to his body. Hayward tells the guards to withdraw She tries in vain to conjure up “I can’t feel you” on Vision’s severed head, she whispers. A single tear runs down her cheek as she says again, “I can’t feel you” (Olsen completely nails the delivery t firmly I have tears in my eyes when I write this!)

She walks out of the room and marches back to her surprisingly sensible and relatable car in the parking lot.She starts the engine and sees an empty envelope in the passenger seat.She drives to New Jersey, comes to Westview, rolls around downtown, and sees several Characters that we recognize by all of their sitcom variations.They reach a lot and stop in a driveway.She goes to an area where a house was built, but left with cinder blocks at the base.She holds the contents of the envelope in the Hand, a sheet of paper that she unfolds to reveal its nature: it is a photocopy of the certificate for her and Vision’s suburban dream home. In the center there is a small red heart with the text “To get old VShe looks at the plot one more time and starts crying. She screams

Suddenly she explodes with magic building the house, then expanding outward all over Westview, turning everything into the 1950s black and white style of the first episode, and her power is in that newly constructed magical house turns yellow, as was the case in the HYDRA cell Then she builds vision (which, as you will remember, is powered by a yellow colored infinity stone) in physical form. He is dressed in his 50s robe, “Wanda,” he says, “Welcome home Shall we stay tonight?” They sit on the couch and kiss. Behind them is Present Wanda in color.She looks up and sees that she is on a stage. Now everything is in color and we can see abandoned cameras and the stands of the live studio audience.We hear two hands clap It’s Agatha, who is sitting in one of the rows. “Bravo,” she says and then disappears in smoke

Wanda hears her boys screaming and runs out into Westview, where she sees Agatha hovering over the boys who are held to her by magical nooses around her neck. She is wearing old clothes, including her mother’s brooch “I know what you are “, she intones” You have no idea how dangerous you are. You should be a myth: a being capable of spontaneous creation, and here you are to make breakfast for dinner. “The camera zooms in Agatha’s face as she drops the bomb: “This whole little life you made – that’s Chaos Magic, Wanda And that makes you …” a pause for emphasis, then “… the Scarlet WitchCut to the end credits ( This might be one of those moments that is a bit confusing for the novice who doesn’t know that “the scarlet witch” was Wanda’s code name in the comics, but I’m not one of those viewers and damn, I loved it)

But that’s not all! In a mid-credits sequence, we see Hayward at the SWORD base outside Westview and look at the glowing hex in the distance. A subordinate says the “team” is “ready to go.” “Hayward says it’s time to go into another room He and the subordinate are looking at something we can’t see while he says they “took it” apart and put it back together, trying different sources of electricity, until they got energy “straight from the source We then see that it is a drone that glows with a red light from Wanda Power. The viewer can be excused if he thinks: “Okay, who is screwing?” But then we swing to the left and see the prize pony: a pure white replica of Vision in a kind of glass box. This vision opens his eyes and silently looks at his hand. Black cut Throw the rest of the credits

This recap was way too long, but I wanted to make sure you had all the details because I love you, and I love this episode! It was everything you’d expect from a getaway with the MCU, but in a way that felt fresh, creative, and full of real emotions that Marvel Studios is able to twist my neurons enough that I can refuse I’m having a good time, but I can’t deny the good time was had Next week: the grand finale! Stay tuned!

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