Paul Maurice would suggest you don’t call it luck either, the Winnipeg Jets head coach has a point His team is way too adept to be lucky

Would he rather call it composed? a serenity with a dose of maturity? at times when his team needs it most

It’s a recipe that will enable a team to overcome The Jets have overcome deficits in the first period en route to six of their twelve wins of the season

“I think we were solid in the comebacks,” Maurice said Thursday night, minutes after his team claimed another win in the North Division

Winnipeg’s best hockey is rarely played in the first period. And in the games where they created a solid opening frame? Thursday’s game comes to mind They were often on the wrong side of the bounces or, as in the case of their 2-0 deficit against the Montreal Canadiens after 20 minutes in Thursday’s 6-3 win, suffered from self-inflicted wounds

Her analysis doesn’t seem to align with her record sixth in the NHL for the percentage of points the Jets are 23 in the shot difference and dead last ???? 31 â ???? in expected goals (they have scored 40 goals in a 5v5 game this season, making it 8th overall Place) but they were only expected to score about 32 goals)

You have incredible forward depth, uncertainty on the blue line and two goalkeepers a Vezina winner and a robust backup? That saves more goals than they should (which gives the guys in front of them confidence if they do)

Is it sustainable? A table would tell you that the Jets will eventually recede? that they would end up scoring at their expected rate rather than their current inflated rate.But it’s hard sometimes to believe that if, despite their pitfalls, they keep finding ways to win,

Maurice preached discretion and asked a question that some may have thought over and over again when asked how to summarize his club

“So if you’re good enough to come back why didn’t you just start like this and then you’ll win every game?” ?? Said Maurice, â € œI think this division, there is enough skill in all the teams that you can play a real period, like we did in the first period here, and lost two, and I had a feeling we were ours too Game didn’t have to add enormous risk to get back into these gamesâ ????

This seems to be true using just the eye test it sure feels like the Jets are tightening their game with each game Maurice said last week and again on Thursday that his team has a good understanding of why it might lag behind in a game, as has been the case many times this season

“I think we’ve actually stayed truer with all of these comebacks,” he said. This is just a feature of the NHL we’re in so the bank is right when we’re down as if they understand what happened We may not have had many games where we get up early; I don’t think that’s going to change I think you will get into the games and the other team will push backâ ????

Maurice said he wasn’t looking for a moment when his team magically clicked Let’s call it Stupidityâ ????

So they scratch and scratch like any other team in the NHL, absorbing the ebb and flow of every game? every period â ???? and then rely on the maturity of a growing team to step in when it needs a rally call

So there is, I don’t know if patience is the word, I hate using that word in the hockey game, but there is certainly a kind of calm you down to where we are Maurice said, “I’d say we’ve been really good at judging where we are in the game for the first few games here”â ????

And while there isn’t that cockiness in and of itself, there is a bit of boasting knowing that your guns are often larger than the ones pointing in your direction

“I mean, I think there’s no panic in this room when the two of us are” Kyle Connor said you’ve seen that in the last two games. We have the kind of talent that can score in groups, and when we play right, it’s fun to watch and be a part of and I think this is one of the best groups we have been around for a while and it’s pretty exciting to be on this team

The Jets seem confident to a man that they can get the job done one way or another

“So there is an offensive confidence that a two-goal deficit is not a death knell for the game,” Maurice said, “We’ll generate enough in games to get back to it”â ????

Given that the Jets are 6-2-0 if they run after one period this season and 4-4-0 if they run after two until something goes the wrong way there is there is little that suggests jets cannot turn a deficit into two points on any given night

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