VANCOUVER – Well Health Technologies Corp has signed an agreement to purchase CRH Medical Corp for $ 292 million

The company’s shares closed at $ 218 on Friday on the NYSE American Stock Exchange and C $ 78 on the Toronto Stock Exchange

This news release is issued in Vancouver, British Columbia, pursuant to Multilateral Instrument 62-104 – Takeover Bids and Issuer Bids and National Instrument 62-103 – The Early Warning System and Related Issues Regarding Takeover Bids and Inside Reports (Newsfile Corp – 8th Bradley Newell of Vancouver, British Columbia, announces that he will be leaving on Feb. February 2021 1153846 common shares of Advance Gold Corp (TSXV: AAX) (the “Issuer”) have acquired following this acquisition, Mr. Newell directly owns

Despite COVID-19 lockdowns and job losses, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board says strong demand for higher-priced homes will push the average retail price in the greater Toronto area above $ 1 million for the first time

BRUSSELS – The people on television were happy: Cheering Britons received the world’s first recordings of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine at the beginning of December. Less pleased were many people who watched in Germany where the vaccine was made and where the government served the people said it would be weeks before they could start their own vaccination program. “Millions are getting German vaccine, but we have to keep waiting,” was the headline in Berlin tabloid BZ “The world is vaccinating – not Germany,” says the news magazine Focus. Sign up for the New York Times morning newsletter It was especially annoying for Germans and other Europeans to see the United States and Britain, less disciplined in their lockdowns and pandemic precautions, come out on top in the vaccine race in fact, former President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out ahead all the more incentives to get involved with vaccines as their countries became the worst hit in the world There is no doubt that the European Union botched many of the first steps to getting vaccines it was slower from the mark, focused too very on the prices, while the US. and Britain didn’t make the dollar and pound an object, and succumbed to an abundance of regulatory caution. All of these things flattened the block as drug makers fell back on their promised orders.But the 27 countries of the European Union are also trying something they have never done before Tried, and broke, yet another barrier in their deeper integration – albeit shaky – by choosing to pool their lot in the vaccine hunt, inverting the usual power equation of the bloc’s larger, richer countries like Germany and France that did it could have afforded to sign contracts directly with drug manufacturers, as the United States and Britain did, saw their vaccination campaigns delayed by the more cumbersome joint effort, while smaller countries had better terms of delivery than they probably would have negotiated themselves for most of the E. U states, this experiment was beneficial but it was not necessarily welcomed happily in the disadvantaged richest countries, and it left leaders like Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Emmanuel Macron of France open to criticism at home for you and the heads of state and government of the EU have nonetheless stood by their decision and the impulse to show solidarity, even if the finger has started “What would people have said if Germany and France had been in competition with each other to buy or manufacture vaccines? That would have been a mess, “said Macron on Friday after a virtual meeting with Merkel at a press conference.” That would have been counterproductive economically and from a public health perspective, because we will only get out of this pandemic when we have vaccinated enough people in Europe “But even as the leaders of the traditional European power duo admitted the 23 billion cans ordered as an indication of the wisdom of a common approach that a full campaign could not be expected before March, causing the bloc into controversy and accusations and perhaps With just over 3% of EU citizens having received at least one dose of vaccine by the end of last week, as opposed to the 17% in the UK and 9% in the US, nowhere is the delay as great as in Germany bloc largest economy and de facto leader “I must have called the hotline 100 times,” say te Klaus Kater, 80, a retired lawyer in Germany who redialed for two days before he could reach the health authorities in his home state in Lower Saxony. His efforts put him on a waiting list, he said, “They asked me how I should be notified when it was my turn and I said to send myself a letter just to make sure he had no idea when that might be. However, not all of these issues – like under-equipped phone lines – are the fault of the European Union As frustrations mount, the bloc has become a simple whipping boy for all kinds of vaccination problems that it shouldn’t have been solving at all, experts say Germany could possibly have got vaccines for its population faster if it had acted itself, but ultimately it would be Disaster has been the joint EU effort in many other ways “It would have been a catastrophe for Germany to abandon joint procurement politically but also economically if Germany alone had secured the vaccine and the rest had not,” said Guntram Wolff, director of the Brussels-based research institute Bruegel Wolff added that In view of the fact that Germany is at the center of the open European labor market and the borders are common with nine other countries, it is not only a question of politics but also of self-interest to ensure that the entire block receives vaccines. “Most of the EU Countries would have found it very difficult to negotiate the contracts and secure the supply themselves, “said Wolff.” And I think the pharmaceutical companies themselves have also preferred the centralized approach. Nevertheless, Merkel struggled to defend the decision of her government, Germany on the possibility to refrain from buying their own vaccine erben As early as March 2020, when Italians died on stretchers in front of overwhelmed hospitals, the German and French governments blocked the export of essential protective equipment such as masks.It was a catastrophic moment for Europe One of its leaders quickly decided it couldn’t be repeated as the pandemic hit the bloc’s economies and closed its societies After four years of painful negotiations, the UK finally left the Union. Public health is usually regulated by individual Member States However, it was decided that powers would be given to the European Commission, the clumsy, clumsy administrative branch of the bloc in Brussels, to lead the vaccine safeguard negotiations, at which point it was June, and Europe was four months behind the US and three Months behind Britain in turning to pharmaceutical companies more recently, the vaccination race through the prism of Brexit has been seen right or wrong, in particular the Johnson administration has cited its lead in vaccine distribution as evidence that the formal exit from the Block was the right thing to do at the start of the New Year, at least it put the UK and the European Union into competition and heightened grudges when Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca told Brussels in January that it was making its planned deliveries of vaccines to the Block due to manufacturing difficulties reduce and Großbri tannien would supply its full order EU officials accused the company of prioritizing its home country, while AstraZeneca said the UK’s three-month lead in orders had given the company time to fix production disruptions similar to EU supply in an attempt to appease critics Merkel explained to the public the difficulties in manufacturing vaccines, citing more manufacturing facilities in the US and UK as reasons why these countries had started their campaigns earlier. “I think, by and large, nothing went wrong,” Merkel said on Tuesday opposite the public broadcaster ARD “Of course the question arises: Why is the United States faster, why is Israel faster, why is the United Kingdom faster? That ranks, of course, ”she added without responding. Other European leaders have tried to overcome the turmoil of recent weeks over derailed vaccine deliveries since the bloc’s confrontation with AstraZeneca in which it took protectionist measures to order squeezing the company, and the already fragile relationship with Great Britain almost imploding, a more forward-looking sense of self-reflection and action has prevailed in Brussels.European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who has been heavily criticized personally for handling the vaccine procurement process, Admitted that Europe had discounted the difficulty of vaccine production. “Starting vaccination does not mean a seamless flow of vaccine doses from industry,” von der Leyen told European news organizations this month. “This is a bitter learning part that we Von der Leyen also hired Moncef Slaoui, a Belgian-American senior pharma manager who worked on the US Operation Warp Speed ​​as a consultant and European executives have tried to gently move them to a more proactive approach with the new vaccines showing promising signs that vaccine manufacture is complicated, as the left-wing German Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote and added in an editorial that the real failure of the government was not to communicate this effectively to the public “Germany shares the fate of the slow vaccination rate with the rest of the world with few exceptions,” wrote the newspaper in an editorial on Tuesday “Despite all impatience and exhaustion Science and Technology also have limitsDespite political deliberations pointing to a moment when the European Commission “made mistakes, learned lessons”, the hardest part will be to correct the course of the bloc and bring vaccination up to date , the settings within the insti to change the activities that drive the process “That’s what I want to say when we try to constantly compare ourselves to the U.”We shouldn’t have a complex,” said Sandra Gallina, the commission’s chief vaccines officer and head of health, in a parliamentary hearing last week. “I’m not jealous of what Biden is doing because, in fact, the situation here in Europe is allowed I say better, “she said. 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“It’s shocking to say that 50$ 000 is “too rich” to get relief, “said Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said

The agricultural provider of sustainable bio-protection and phytosanitary solutions announced today that it has filed a declaration of registration of $ 90 million to potentially sell various securities over a period of three years, the proceeds would be used to make Marrone Giving organic more flexibility in funding future business opportunities, the company said in a statement.The company’s organic solutions are used in the fast-growing segment of sustainable agriculture to protect plants from diseases, insects and weeds, and to promote plant health and the Improve water and nutrient efficiency

Fitbit owners will soon be able to track their blood sugar levels using the device’s smartphone app, available through an update this month

The Miami Heat have started to regain their form since Jimmy Butler’s return. The Heat will try again in the rematch between the two teams in Miami on Tuesday night. “I think if you look at the numbers, if Jimmy is playing, if he isn’t plays, it’s two different teams, “said Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau of Butler, whom he coached during his stints in Chicago and Minnesota

Travis Merriweather, who was instrumental in ICM Partners’ efforts over the past year to address racial equality, voter mobilization and client political engagement, has been promoted to Senior Political Strategist for the agency The news was conveyed Monday by Chris Silbermann, CEO of ICM Partners, and Hannah Linkenhoker, Head of Policy, announced In 2020, Merriweather will facilitate […]

The combat veteran, bestselling author, and social entrepreneur is set to leave in May 2021 Moore led the Robin Hood Foundation to one of its strongest years in the anti-poverty group’s 33-year history in 2020 – and raised over $ 230 million as the organization filled a pivotal role in responding to that Pandemic Robin Hood is a 501 (c) 3 organization that is not affiliated with for-profit companies using a similar name NEW YORK, Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wes Moore announced today that he will step down as CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation in May this year after the organization raised, restructured and raised over $ 650 million under Moore’s leadership The grant portfolio was realigned, critical relief efforts were implemented in response to COVID-19, the role of the organization expanded through policy-making, and several initiatives launched – including a national partnership and the Power Fund to provide support for Increase Colored Nonprofits “I am so proud to have been CEO of this Robin Hood for the past four years. This is the time for me and my family to step down, but it is also the time for change.” for this organization, ”said Moore,“ Robin Hood is at its core a community of care And Impact And we have brought together this remarkable team, frontline nonprofits, impactful research, a growing and dedicated donor base, policy makers, other funders, community leaders, and more to create lifelines and opportunities for families living in poverty at this critical time This work continues with speed and urgency In 2020, amid a global pandemic, Robin Hood raised over $ 230 million – the second highest donation in the organization’s history – of around 100000 donors, a 10 to 20-fold increase over what the foundation would see in a typical year “Thanks to Wes Moore’s transformational leadership, Robin Hood is the strongest point in our 33-year history,” said Robin Hood co-founder and board member Paul Tudor Jones “We are bigger and stronger than ever, but families face unprecedented challenges. We are grateful for Wes’ leadership and need to use the momentum he has created in this work to find the right leader to move us forward, Robin Hood.” Met a critical need during the COVID-19 pandemic under Moore’s leadership, distributing more than $ 65 million to provide cash, meals, housing, health care, and other urgent needs to those affected by COVID, and an additional $ 140 million Grant for a range of programs and initiatives designed to address the systemic foundations of poverty in New York Tackling City directly “Wes Moore showed real leadership during his four-year tenure as CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation,” said Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor. “When countless New Yorkers were devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wes stepped on Plan, played a pivotal role in providing much needed help to families across the state and volunteering his time as a member of the state advisory board to reopen New York I know he will continue to fight for opportunities in his next chapter After Moore became CEO in 2017, Robin Hood went through a year-long strategic planning process to restructure the organization and refocus grants to bring families out of poverty in a measurable and sustainable way. “I know I’m on the Board of Directors for everyone speaks when I say we wish we had many more years to work side by side with Wes Moore at Wes Hood “But thanks in large part to his innovative leadership, we are in a position of strength as we focus on making sure our work continues at the pace and commitment that Wes has over the past four.” said CEO John Griffin Moore brought the organization into politics for the first time in its history. For the past three years, Robin Hood has campaigned for the financial sustainability of the human services nonprofit sector in New York, and recently ran a longer-term campaign to address child poverty Halve Federal Child Tax Credit Expansion “Wes Moore’s leadership will indelibly shape Robin Hood and the lives of countless children and families,” said Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President Emeritus of the Children’s Defense Fund and board member of Robin Hood Advancement in politics and advocacy up to his With a laser focus on economic mobility and opportunity, Wes has proven to be a remarkable consensus-maker whose leadership and voice are indispensable. Under Moore’s leadership, Robin Hood Mobility LABs, the first national partnership in the organization’s history, founded this four-year US $ 25 million initiative. Dollar is driving the development of new solutions to sustainably lift families out of poverty in Baltimore, northeast Pennsylvania, New York, a suburb of Chicago and the California Bay Area. Last year, Moore announced the creation of the Robin Hood Power Fund, one of Initiative to fund and promote nonprofit color leaders who share Robin Hood’s mission to increase economic mobility while tackling racial and economic injustices through their work. This initiative aims to help reduce the funding gaps between charities identified in the philanthropic sector Eliminate active organizations run by people of color The fund has sponsored seven organizations since October Robin Hood has set up a search committee chaired by Vice Chairman Dina Powell McCormick, made up of Jones, Griffin, and board members Geoffrey Canada and Mary Erdoes “In Wes Moore we had a leader who firmly believes in Robin Hood’s mission and the fight to reduce poverty. He set a good example and his commitment leaves a great four-year legacy that has influenced many organizations and many lives” Powell-McCormick said, “Wes has very big shoes to fill and we will conduct a thorough national search to find the right successor.” Reactions from Robin Hood and the social impact community: “Wes Moore was the right guide to take right time at the right institution During his four years with Robin Hood Wes turned the organization into an intellectual, political and advocacy juggernaut for racial justice and equal opportunity. His influence on Robin Hood changed the lives of millions of people living in poverty, “said Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.” Wes is one of the Most Charismatic, Visionary, and Leadable of the Next Generation Whatever Wes’ next chapter is, I’m sure he’ll scale social justice even faster and on a larger scale. He’s a one-time leader “I have Wes Moore fighting for children and families seen”His rare combination of compassion and expertise has helped Robin Hood bond with the communities and the nonprofits that serve them,” said Phoebe Boyer, President and CEO of Children’s Aid. “Thanks in large part to Wes’ leadership Children’s Aid’s 30-year partnership with Robin Hood has never been stronger “I am grateful to Wes Moore for investing the time and work in learning about poverty and other issues facing the Asian-American community and taking meaningful steps to help addressing them, “said Wayne Ho, President and CEO of the Sino-American Planning Council,” We have worked together on innovative human resource development programs, COVID relief efforts, and strategic initiatives like Mobility LABs. I appreciate his data-driven, community-centric approach to granting and his efforts to hold the city and the state accountable , very Wes is an advocate of racial and economic justice who uses every tool he can to make progress for marginalized communities. “In just four years, Wes Moore developed dynamic and lasting partnerships while serving Robin Hood’s social role Supported justice and philanthropy, “said Cheryl L Dorsey, President of Echoing Green “As an innovator and advocate, Wes brought his corporate leadership to the fore to help Robin Hood meet current poverty reduction needs and respond quickly to the COVID-19 crisis and reckoning with racial injustice” When Wes Moore became CEO of Robin Hood four years ago, he pledged to forge national partnerships to ensure that Robin Hood’s anti-poverty agenda goes beyond New York City and also focuses on various communities across the United States”Like every promise Wes kept in the 20+ years I’ve known him, Wes kept that commitment through action. He turned Robin Hood into a national collaboration force, remembering Baltimore, ours, too shared home, ”said Rachel Garbow Monroe, President and CEO of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation,“ The $ 25 million partnership is designed for mobility LABs, including Robin Hood, Tipping Point, the Gates Foundation, the Weinberg Foundation, and others help end the cycle of poverty by increasing economic mobility for families in Baltimore, New York City, northeastern Pennsylvania, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area This initiative aims to demonstrate what can be achieved when we work together, with shared goals and a commitment to invest in community-based implementation and local leadership, Mobility LABs are a strong example of how effectively Wes led the way on behalf of Robin Hood to have an even greater impact on the work of this important foundation in the United States. Thank you to all of Wes for his guidance and I wish him every success in all that he does next! About Robin Hood: Founded in 1988, Robin Hood finds, drives and develops the most effective and scalable solutions to lift families out of poverty in New York City Models That Can Work Nationwide Last year, Robin Hood invested nearly $ 200 million in providing COVID relief, legal services, housing, meals, human resource development training, educational programs and more to families living in poverty in New York City Robin Hood follows every program with strict standards With Robin Hood’s board of directors covering all overheads, 100 percent of every donation goes straight to poverty reduction. Learn more at Robinhoodorg Contact Press @ robinhoodorg

(Bloomberg) – London oil surged above $ 60 a barrel for the first time in more than a year on a rally that separates the world’s leading oil trading houses, the global benchmark’s Brent futures surged 21% on Monday’s exceeding The key marker is another milestone in a stellar comeback from the depths of the pandemic that forced countries to stall and destroy economies Trading House Trafigura Group expects prices to rise even further as refineries increase processing rates To meet rising product demand amid tight physical crude supply, however, with a full recovery in demand not yet taking shape, futures may have rebounded too quickly, especially with key technical indicators suggesting that crude is in overbought territory world’s largest independent oil trader Vitol SA and rival Gu nvor Group Ltd Both expressed concern about the recent rally, “Be concerned what you want, but oil prices keep falling,” said Bob Yawger, head of futures at Mizuho Securities. “There are some good demand-side factors and some good supply-side factors that everyone conspires to raise prices But they could always trade lower faster “Support for support oil production for support oil production was a historic OPEC agreement on production cuts: The International Energy Agency estimates that global stocks of onshore tanks and floating stocks have shrunk by about 300 million barrels since the group made profound savings in May Meanwhile, lower supply and a surge in demand driven by Covid-19 vaccines have anchored the oil futures price curve in a bullish backwardation structure, which promotes more emptying of the oil tanks See also: Oil’s remarkable rebound after a year of disaster China was a major driver of market rebound The number of tankers heading toward the nation rose to a six-month high on Friday Ben van Beurden, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, said last Week that fuel sales in China return to “significant growth mode” Meanwhile, Indian demand is almost back to last year’s level as the consumption of cooking fuels and gasoline has soared due to forced lifestyle changes due to the virus production cut in Saudi Arabia “Gives people a lot more confidence in OPEC’s ability to manage supplies,” said Peter McNally, Third Bridge’s global director of industry, materials and energy. “OECD inventories are up and it looks like they are they continue to sink when OPEC controls the ship “Apart from the fact that WTI u And while Brent’s 14-day index of relative strength is above the 70 level, suggesting overbought oil, other technicals also suggest a correction to crude oil’s glowing rally is imminent”Both benchmarks settled above their upper Bollinger Bands on Monday, signaling to some investors that prices may be due for a retreat. A recovery in fuel demand remains difficult to achieve Another slowdown in traffic in San Francisco in January is the latest sign of a limp recovery. The market “is making a name for itself in terms of post-vaccination euphoria,” Mike Muller, head of Vitol’s Asian office, said in an interview on Sunday with Dubai-based consultant Gulf Intelligence, profits above $ 60 a barrel are unlikely as it would spur energy companies to ramp up production, Gunvor chief executive officer Torbjorn Tornqvist said on Friday. For more articles like this please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Cigarette surfboards and biodegradable glitter are two of the ways these visionaries are protecting the environment. The post Meet the Environmentalists Fighting for a More Sustainable Future first appeared on In The Know

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Studios has signed a contract to develop the comedy adventure Lost and Found to star Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi, directed by Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) Pink wrote the script with Jeff Morris. A headstrong lawyer and renegade renegade reluctantly team up to find a long-lost buried […]

Mr J Obie Strickler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Grown Rogue International Inc (the “Issuer”) will submit an early warning report stating the acquisition of 1600000 units (“Units”) the Issuer informs

Matt Hancock almost blows it with a mention of borders and quarantine Health minister tries to stay optimistic despite the bad news about the South African variant coronavirus – latest updates See all our coverage of coronavirus A year this half-full guy shows up has taken its toll Photo: WPA / Getty Images

Raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour would reduce the number of Americans living in poverty and raise wages for millions of Americans, while increasing federal debt and unemployment, according to a new report from the projects of the Congressional Budget Office The federal deficit would increase by approximately $ 54 billion over a decade as part of a Democratic proposal to gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15, largely because of the higher wages that Paying workers such as spending, the estimate found Democrats are pushing to include the higher minimum wage as part of their $ 1 9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, promised to get better on Monday after his worst performance in Super Bowl LV and said he will be “motivated” for the rest of his career, coming from a player who already has Has a Super Bowl Title On His Resume “If you are a competitor and you get this close and miss out on your ultimate goal, it will keep you motivated for the rest of your career,” said Mahomes

Manchester police warned of a terrorism strategy in 2016. The regulator found that the majority of the forces felt “ill-equipped” to deal with terrorist attacks

It is entirely in the best interests of such politicians to wink and nod at the rest of the caucus to find the 17 needed to convict them. That way, they could eliminate one of their biggest problems for 2024

GLENVIEW, Ill, Feb Sep. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Illinois Tool Works Inc (NYSE: ITW) today announced its attendance at the Barclays Industrial Select Conference on Tuesday, Jan. Announced February 2021 Michael Larsen, Chief Vice President &, CFO, will be present at the conference from 10: 50-11: 20 a.m. (EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME) The event will be broadcast live on the internet and a replay will be posted on the Investor Relations website of ITW at https: // investor available atitwcom About Illinois Tool Works ITW (NYSE: ITW) is a leading global multi-industry manufacturer of Fortune 200 with total sales of $ 12.6 billion in 2020. The company’s seven industry-leading segments leverage ITW’s unique business model to deliver solid growth with world-class margins and returns in markets that require highly innovative, customer-centric solutions000 committed colleagues from ITW around the world live from the decentralized and entrepreneurial culture of the company wwwitwcom Media ContactIllinois Tool WorksTrisha KnychTel: 2246617566mediarelations @ itwcom Investor RelationsIllinois Tool WorksKaren FletcherTel: 2246617433investorrelations @ itwcom

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World News – CA – Well Health Technologies signs agreement to purchase CRH Medical for $ 292.7 million