The impeachment trial of President Trump took an unexpected turn on Saturday when the Senate voted between 55 and 45 to allow for witnesses in the trial Senators were seen huddled on the floor after a wrench thrown into the trial had been

At the center of the sudden shift was a report by CNN Friday night that re-lit a heated phone call between then-President Trump and the Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, when the Capitol opened on Jan. It was besieged on January 6 instead of calling witnesses, Trump’s impeachment managers and defense team finally agreed to fill in a statement from Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler about the call rather than dropping her off, which could have delayed the process

McCarthy reportedly called Trump Jan 6 when a mob attacked the Capitol following Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally and asked him to forcibly retrieve his supporters

The call got heated, according to the CNN report, and Trump first tried to blame Antifa for the attack before telling McCarthy, “Well, Kevin, I think these people are more upset about the election than you are”areâ ????

McCarthy furiously told Trump that members of the mob tried to break into his office and said, “Who [expletively] do you think you are talking to?” ????

CNN’s recent coverage quoted several Republicans in the House who were familiar with the call after the riot, McCarthy himself spoke on the floor of the house, saying Trump was at least partially responsible for the attack

The new details support the Democrats ???? Argument that Trump waived his duty to protect the Constitution and continued to fuel the uprising even after it began, a sentiment confirmed by an anonymous Republican who spoke to CNN

“He’s not an impeccable observer, he chose her,” the Republican member of Congress told CNN

Although several Republicans in the House were familiar with McCarthy’s call to Trump, one on the file spoke about it

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler was among the few Republicans in the House who voted to indict Trump for his role in assaulting the Capitol Herrera Beutler, the Washington’s 3rd party Congressional District, previously shared parts of her conversation with McCarthy with voters and local media. She also released a statement in support of impeachment last month referring to the appeal

Following the CNN report, Herrera Beutler Friday released a statement in which people with knowledge of Trump’s actions on Jan. January 6 were mentioned should speak

“And to the patriots who stood next to the former President during these talks, or even to the former Vice President: If you have anything to add here, now is the time” ??? She said

House impeachment head Jamie Raskin said Saturday he was calling for a vote on whether witnesses should be considered after Herrera Beutler’s testimony, asking the Senate to summon her and hold a deposit on Zoom in the end, Herrera Beutler’s Friday evening statement introduced as evidence to avoid having to depose her and others in the process

In his remarks on Saturday, Raskin said Herrera Beutler’s testimony spoke to Trump’s state of mind when he was told that members of Congress were in danger

“Needless to say, this is yet another piece of critical evidence that corroborates the charges brought before you and the President’s willful negligence”Said Raskin

Raskin wanted to depose Herrera Beutler to fill in loopholes about what exactly Trump knew and when the attack took place.Instead, her testimony was brought to justice

The House’s impeachment executives have suggested that Trump was aware of the imminent threat to former Vice President Mike Pence when Trump arrived at Nov.To attack a tweet sent pence at midnight because he does not have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our countryâ ????

People close to Pence have told reporters that Trump wasn’t looking for Pence’s safety, but Pence has so far refused to discuss Trump’s role in the attack

The trial ended abruptly less than an hour into Saturday’s start, and the Senators were surprised by the unexpected development.Both Democrats and Republicans prepared for the possibility of a protracted argument about which and how many witnesses suddenly fell into one Process that a few hours earlier led to a quick vote and probably an acquittal

Trump attorneys threatened a lengthy process, saying they would ask to interview hundreds of people, highlighting concern of Democrats who feared the lengthy process will delay critical votes on President Biden’s cabinet candidates could be a major COVID-19 aid package

The Senate finally moved on Saturday to proceed with the final arguments after including Herrera Beutler’s statement in the minutes

Kevin McCarthy

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