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Bans have been put in place in the UK as several EU countries cancel flights after information was released about a new variant of the virus causing COVID-19

In a tweet on Sunday afternoon, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said she, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of the federal government’s Incident Response Group would meet to discuss the genetic variant of the virus that causes COVID-19â ????

On Sunday, Global Affairs Canada updated its “UK Entry / Exit Requirements” and advised Canadian travelers to read up on national and local lockdown measures in the USK

After a new variant of the virus is identified, international travel will travel from certain areas in the USAK can be increasingly restricted due to national regulations? with reference to the stricter rules, the contribution read UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented on Sunday Local authorities may make additional requirements without notice and could seriously disrupt your travel plans. You should not rely on the Canadian government for assistance with changing your travel plans

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier today the new variant announced by Public Health England last week is now “out of control” but not more dangerous, added that lockdown measures have been put in place to keep it in place,

Johnson told reporters this new variant was more than 70 percent more transmissible, but he insisted, “There is no evidence that it is more deadly or causes more serious illness”

“Right now it is really marked as one (variant) that is a very strong candidate for changing the transmission of the virus”Lucy van Dorp, Senior Research Fellow on Microbial Genomics at UCL Genetics Institute, told CTVNewsca on Sunday

Johnson said the variant is likely causing a surge in new cases in London and southern England

Van Dorp stated that preliminary evidence, for example from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, points to increased communicability, but she warns people to wait for further analysis and peer-reviewed studies

Over the past year, scientists have seen thousands of naturally occurring mutations in samples of the novel coronavirus

But none of them worsened symptoms or affected the spread of the virus – until this last mutation

Van Dorp mentioned findings on what was labeled “U “K Option A ???? These are preliminary studies and studies are likely to be conducted to better understand how much faster the virus can spread, what antibody responses there will be, and what impact it will have on COVID-19 vaccines

DR Ronald St John, former director general of the Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness and Relief, described the new variant as “worrying” to the CTV News Channel on Sunday

St. John and van Dorp said they are waiting for more information and analysis to be carried out in the coming weeks

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr Ian Brasg of Humber River Hospital told CTV News Channel that he is definitely waiting to hear more about it and the? We really have to do our diligence and find out what exactly is happeningâ ????

Brasg added, “It is very natural for viruses to mutate and develop variants, many of which pose no greater risk than the original virus”â ????

Although the data are so far sparse, this new virus variant contains mutations in the DNA sequence that codes for its “tip” Protein, according to Public Health England

It is with this protein that the virus binds and infects cells, explained van Dorp. She said that mutations in the protein’s DNA code are quite important

Van Dorp said the “high number” of mutations is being analyzed more as this protein is also the target of researchers in vaccines and antibody-based therapies

Previous studies have identified mutations in this part of the DNA sequence as “biologically relevant” She said

We also see that this variant is fairly independent from other viruses in circulation, so it seems to have adapted in some way that is really worth following upâ ????

“I think it’s basically a yellow flag,” DR Lynora Saxinger, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Alberta Hospital, told CTV News Channel on Sunday

“And it doesn’t seem to necessarily make it worse in terms of infection, but it can make it worse in terms of transmission”â ????

When it came to the surge in new cases and this new variant, Saxinger said, “I think this warns us to make sure we keep the virus from spreading while we wait for the vaccine to roll out”â ????

There was “no current evidence that the new strain causes higher death rates or affects vaccines and treatments, although urgent work is underway to confirm this,” said the Chief Medical Officer for England, Prof Dr Chris Whitty said in a statement on Saturday

Johnson also said there is no evidence that currently available vaccines will be less effective against it

But the expectation is that vaccines will stimulate a broad antibody response, so they (the vaccines) will trigger a response to the whole spike protein So if we have mutations in some regions (of the DNA), it does not seem to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine in any particular case – a significant wayâ ????

The Netherlands and Belgium have issued a flight ban The Dutch government said the ban would last at least the rest of the year, while Belgian officials put a 24-hour flight ban in place and stopped train connections to the UK

France and Ireland will both impose a 48-hour ban on flights from the United States Italy and Austria also joined the travel ban, but the former did not specify how long the ban would last. Austria did not provide immediate details at the time of the ban, the APA news agency reported

In a tweet, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said the country would also restrict all travel to the United States and South Africa because of the new variety

In good cooperation, the @BMVI will be investigating all passenger flights from Great Britain to Germany from midnight. Tomorrow we will, with a regulation of the federal government, all travel with GB & confidential reports belong to mutated viruses

This afternoon @JustinTrudeau and I are meeting with our colleagues and officials from the Incident Response Group to discuss the genetic variant of the virus that is causing COVID-19 identified in the UK

It is unclear whether Canada will take similar steps. CTVNewsca has approached Global Affairs Canada for comment

On Saturday, the World Health Organization announced that it would update member states and the public as soon as news became available and that it was in close contact with UheK Officials on the new virus variant # COVID19 will continue to share information on & results of their analysis & ongoing studiesâ ????

In the meantime, we continue to advise people to take all protective measures to prevent the spread of the # COVID19 virus and to comply with guidelines from national authorities https: // tco / CTdAEJ8Pqn

A medical worker in protective clothing enters the treatment hall of a makeshift hospital for coronavirus patients at the Krylatskoye Ice Palace in Moscow, Russia 18, 2020 (AP)

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