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It’s the last week of the regular season and there’s still a lot at stake for the playoffs. Here’s every clinch scenario for Sunday’s games

Seven teams start the final week of the NFL regular season with punched playoff tickets, but there are still seven postseason spots to be awarded, including a pair of division titles and the top spot in the NFC, which has yet to be decided Here you will find everything that can be won on Sunday

In addition to the added placeholder in each conference, another big change in how the playoffs work this year is that there is no more reunion for the second seed that takes an incentive off the Bills and Steelers – Buffalo is currently second Seeds in the AFC

Let’s start in the AFC, where three teams blocked a berth after the season. The Chiefs secured the top spot and consistently gave them a farewell and home advantage in the first round. The Steelers and Bills have already won the AFC North and East title won The AFC South title and both wildcard spots are still up for grabs

Browns have a win OR a loss for the Colts OR a loss for the Titans and win the Colts, Dolphins and Ravens

Colts have a win AND a loss against the Browns, Dolphins or Ravens

Dolphins have a victory or a loss for the Browns, Colts, or Ravens

Titans have a victory or a loss for the Browns, Colts, or Dolphins

The top spot and a goodbye in the first round are still up for grabs in the NFC It’s currently held by the Packers, but the Saints and Seahawks both have the option to claim it on Sunday so let’s start with that

Yes, someone with a losing record is going to the playoffs this year with a title in hand. Washington is the favorite, but somehow the Giants and Cowboys playing against each other this week also have a chance

NFL Playoff Scenarios

World News – CA – What Week 17 Means for the 2021 NFL Playoff Picture

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